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Vijaypath In Hindi Free Download ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Vijaypath

Genge: Action,Drama,Thriller



































When a notorious criminal is apprehended by an industrious inspector and subsequently convicted by the officer's brother, he seeks the ultimate revenge against the family.
The Saxena family consists of Judge Saxena, his wife, and their school-going son, Babloo, their chauffeur, Shankar, and his son, Karan, as well the Judge's Police Inspector brother, Rajesh. The region is being terrorized by a local goon by the name of Bhavani Singh, Rajesh tracks him down, arrests him, and in the process becomes crippled. Bhavani is tried in Saxena's Court, is found guilty, sentenced to be hanged, and the sentence is carried out. Bhavani's brother, Dilawar, swears to look after his son, Shakti, as well as avenge his death. He sets upon this task almost immediately, killing Judge Saxena, then Shankar, Karan gets injured and loses his vision. The rest of the Saxena family flee by train, but Dilawar catches up, kills Mrs. Saxena, and critically injures Babloo. Babloo passes away and his eyes are used to restore Karan's vision. The two re-locate to try and re-build their lives, Rajesh is no longer with the Police, and Karan swears to wear dark glasses even at night until he finally kills Dilawar. Years later Karan has grown up, is in love with Mohini, still wears dark glasses, and is on the lookout for Dilawar. In the meantime, Dilawar, now an established and influential citizen-cum-gangster and his nephew, Shakti, are also on the active lookout for Rajesh and Karan - and this time they will ensure the end of the last of the Saxenas as well as Karan.
i saw it back in 1994 when it was released, i was barely in any state to conclude anything(i was ..what 10 then) but i was a huge fan of action flicks and ajay devgun was my personal favourite(my brother made me like him). anyways... i have given it 10 out of 10 as it used to be my favourite movie(kids are so mindless,aren't they?!) and i love everything about this movie. ajay was terrific,tabu looked most beautiful and everything was just near perfect. i haven't seen the movie again(i never got a chance) but i would love to see it again sometime. Things has really changed over the years,ajay now actually being recognised for what he really is- one of the finest actor in this generation. But at the very time i get a feeling that this man is doing great work he comes up with some total crap like blackmail or main aisa hi hoon.. ajay, please don't do this!
I liked this movie very much ........Ajay is playing a blind guy who gets transformed his eyes from his friend when he was young ...he devoted never to take of his glasses unless he saw the guy that kill his parents in hospital.....And also the movie has a very good action from Ajay Devgan...Tabu looks good with Ajay and this movie is one of my favorites ...........i would recommend this movie to every who is a fan of Ajay n Tabu.............. Vijay Bat was on of the best movies in the 90s and at that time Ajay was one of the highest paid actores...the movie also has a good romantic between Ajay and Tabu... This movie is one movie that I would like watch over and over again I gave 100% good movie...........

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