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Title: Universal Combat CE
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 6 Feb, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP SP2
  • Processor: Dual Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:


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    Another one of the series. I remember my grandfather gifting me the original BC3000 AD. While the game was awesome and fun, I never really understood it. After all I was just in my early teen. I was quite surprised, when later on more versions appeared and I got Battlecruiser Millenium Gold as well as Universal Combat. It was more or less by accident, when I found this one. Of course it was a must get for me. I have to admit, that the graphic improvements are cool. The manual has been made more clear since BCMG and the tutorial is especially useful. This said, I have a Terran Military ACM career ongoing and I also have a ROAM trader career going on alongside another ROAM Terran Military career. The game is fun and its quite a diversion. Yes, in ROAM there are no missions, but there are plenty of things to do. As trader you can look out for cargo, buy and sell. or you could be a Raider, attacking other pirates, the military, police or whatever for your gain. as a military ROAM commander, you can escort diplomats, enforce peace, capture stations, and whatever. All you need is some imagination. Then there is the option to be a Pilot or Elite Pilot. on a planetary base or ship or spacestation. Another option and quite an easier start. Even in ROAM you can get XP and get promoted. Then lastly, there are Marines. though I prefer them in Instant Action. A Marine ROAM game has been quite dull so far. There are attacks every now and then. You have access to the ground facilities, such as Tanks, APCs, Support Stations, Transporter Gates and of course the gunships to move around. Hence you can do a lot, even as a Marine - as long as you are on a planet. But still, in my option it is limited and marines die quickly. though if you are good at it. a different thing. Then there are the space marines or elite marines. This part in my opinion is really boring. You have not the options you have on planet and are mostly stuck on top of your station waiting for an attack. Here some improvement would be great. What i noticed is, that the non-combat professions, other than Traders and are quite dull. Scientists of course can explore the galaxy in a transporter, look at uninhabited and habitated worlds but still its dull. Diplomats essentially have nothing to do, unless you RP travelling to base to imagine some negotiations. then there are the Assassins, constantly looking to hunt pirates. So quite dull too. I have also tried a paramedic career which is quite uneventful in ROAM either. You do not get attacked by anybody usually, but you also get an unarmed transporter with only a handful of shuttles. Of course you get some armed escorts, but still. The only thing I noticed here, was constantly patrolling the galaxy, looking out for a ship in distress. You would then try to get there, tow it to a base and get a reward. Of course you can also trade with your vessel. Still, quite dull. I know Derek Smart always said, it is a combat game. Nothing else. However, since these professions are there, it would be fun to make more use of them. Have colonists colonize planets or build cities, Maybe create some interiors for the ships and have space marines invade them or Paramedics board them to heal injured people after an attack. maybe script some ACM missions for Diplomats and alike. things like that would make this already great game really awesome! Once you get higher in rank you can control other friendly units, form fleets. You can start planetary assaults, land in a shuttle or beam down, launch probes, etc. All these parts are complex and difficult, but great and fun! If you take the time to understand the game and read through the manual and do the tutorial of course. That said, I love the game and I am happy it is still around. It is also very nice to know, that this game is running on Linux. Steam Play works fine and without issues, aside from some very rare sporadic crashes after some hours into the game (Save or Quick Safe regularly) and some unreadable or hard to read text, which in my opinion is also only a minor issue. Great work on that one. I hope there will be some more patches and further improvement. This game has a lot of potential still and I hope that we will see some of it.. How is this mostly positive.oh 14 reviews.right. Not much has changed sadly. Derek Smart is a legend in gaming but not for positive reasons.

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