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True Lover's Knot Free Download [key]

True Lover's Knot Free Download [key]

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About This Game

Set sail on the romantic adventure of the season! “True Lover’s Knot” follows the story of Emma, a London-based tech genius, as she and her best friend, Lucas, take to the high seas in a luxurious cruise that will change their lives forever!

True Lover’s Knot is a kinetic novel with a fun “match 3” game element that will truly delight anyone looking for a fun story paired with a casual and relaxing game experience.

This “romantic comedy” Visual Novel will truly delight its readers featuring:

* An interesting and highly entertaining storyline.

* A fun and addictive match-3 mini game.

* Beautiful, high-end anime characters.

* Funny and light hearted dialogue.

* Witty romantic comedy in the style of classics like “Notting Hill”, “Sweet Home Alabama” & “Made of Honor”

* Light and pleasant feel and ambiance resembling animes like “Marmalade Boy”, “Cardcaptor Sakura”, “Whisper of the Heart” & “The Cat Returns”.

* Groovy jazz, lounge, reggae and RnB soundtrack.

Treat yourself to that cruise holiday you always dreamed of by embarking on “True Lover’s Knot”! 7ad7b8b382

Title: True Lover's Knot
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Sapphire Dragon Productions
Sapphire Dragon Productions
Release Date: 19 Nov, 2015


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7 / 8/ 8.1/ 10
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics Chip
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


Good bye TLK This is the first review I have ever left on steam (or almost anywhere) so know that I truely felt the need to to say my piece on this game. Like many others, I too was immeditatly pulled in by the look and premise of this game. however after over an hour game play that was mostly just intrusive and mandatory 'mini-games' that honestly take up more of the game than the game itself I had to turn it off.
1. Mini-game, after mini-game, after mini-game. I don't think the tags 'visual novel' or 'story rich' should be on this game at all. Also if there was a way to skip them, I didn't see it.
2. the characters are awful, as in poorly written fan-fiction bad.
3. the MC's only personality trait seem to be: "I can fix that!"
4. As some have mentioned before me, the awful, awful forced 'sleep with the masogynist' plot. I thought my option was me turning the jerk down. Nope!
5. The 'story' was hard to imerse myslef in as the few cuts scenes I got were so abrupt that they were just jarring. the live action cut scenes ruined the feel for me. After a while I seemed to not be getting choices at all, just mini-games.
6. All of the characters are supposed to be in their mid to late 20's, but most look like high schoolers at best.. This Visual Novel is mostly kinetic (as it says in the description) but places the gameplay in a series of \u201ccandy crush\u201d style puzzles in between plot points to be solved. A nice concept that lets one \u201crest\u201d in between story bits to play the puzzles, which are relevant to the story. I like the story, it\u2019s a lot of fun and isn\u2019t too predictable.
. Becoming a real true fan of Saphire Dragon Production's works..Besides being very entertaining in terms of high quality, depth, relevant and accurate information embedded in the story line, the music is just divine. With "True Lover's Knot, I particularly enjoyed the story line, the music, the trivia I learned about Spain and most of all the mini games which initially was elementary and later required more strategy to avoid having to retry so I could follow the story line quicker. I love the Theme Song and highly recommend this VIN (Visual Interactive Novel).. Thank god this game is getting out of Steam. Nothing truly interesting happens throughout the 1-2 hours it takes to finish it. Lucas is an ok character, but other than that there's nothing there. The love interests are boring as hell, the cruise consists only of partying, swimming and eating (I know it's like that in real life, but please make something happens!), and the weird match-3 minigame brings nothing to the game and is just in the way.

I couldn't believe it, but the endings truly are abrupt. They couldn't haved rushed it more even if they tried.

I'm just glad I got it at the goodbye discount, but even at that price it's not worth it.. This has like 4 decisions...It's mostly match up games and overtly long transitions screens showing me the boat. I was half expecting an advert to pop up about the actual cruise. Also you have like two date options. I dont think you can end up with luke.

True Lover's Knot Update:
Hey Awesome Fans,

We have fixed an issue with a looping bug in the story with Santi. We have also updated the game with new interface and some other cosmetic issues.

We would also like to announce our upcoming release The Walsingham Files: Chapter On.

Keep being awesome

Sapphire Dragon Productions Team. And the winner is.....:
Ok everyone! The raffle is officially closed!

Again thanks so much for supporting us by buying “True Lover’s Knot”! Winners have been drawn and if you’ve won we will get in contact with you to make sure you get a free copy of “Fix Me Fix You”.

If you haven’t won, don’t worry! We enjoyed this raffle so much that we’ve decided to run another one in a couple of weeks so please keep your eyes peeled. We will be announcing it on our group page on steam so please sign up to that to keep updated on the next raffle.

Thank you so much and keep being awesome!

The Sapphire Dragon Production Team. Full Screen support for Windows and other bug fixes:
We have made a couple of improvements including:
- Full screen button.
- Save game fixes allows use of all slots.
- small tweaks and minor fixes.

Keep being awesome!

Sapphire Dragon Productions Team. Achievements and Improvements:
Hi Everyone,

We’ve made a few modifications to ease gameplay in “True Lover’s Knot”:

- Achievements added

- Video cut scenes now skippable

- Slight UI interface update

- Story consistency updates

Thanks so much for your patience and we hope you enjoy the improvements.. Raffle Giveaway! Thank You Everyone for your support!:
Hey Everyone!

What can we say? You guys are incredible!

This week has been an absolute rollercoaster for us and we are so touched by all the support and love that you guys have shown here on the discussion boards and also for those of you that just wrote reviews for “True Lovers Knot”! You guys are absolutely awesome and we have no words to express how grateful we are to everyone!

Until now the vast majority of feedback we had gotten for the game had come from reviews and YouTube Let’s Plays. While the YouTube Let’s Plays were really good and we got tons of positive feedback from those (from both the players and the viewers on the comment section) the reviews were rather negative which made us feel so bad about the game and made us want to retire it!

One other thing we would like to clear up is that Sapphire Dragon Productions is NOT out of business and we are definitely very much alive and kicking and working on quite a few games that are set to be released in the summer, fall and winter of 2017. As a matter of fact we just got greenlit for three upcoming Visual Novels and have a lot more stuff in the storyboard section! We merely wanted to pull “True Lover’s Knot” as we didn’t want it turn players off our other games! But with all the support you guys have shown it looks like you’ve all changed our minds!

So with that we’ve decided to leave the game up for now! As a big thank you to those of you that bought “True Lover’s Knot” we are going to run a raffle of 10 free copies of our newest title: “Fix Me Fix You”.

Furthermore, if over 100 people enter the raffle then we will add a further 10 free copies into the draw!

To participate just type in the name of your favourite character from “True Lover’s Knot” in the comment section below and after one week we will choose ten winners at random who will be awarded a free copy of “Fix Me Fix You”!

To see what the game is about check out the link below.

Remember only those with “True Lover’s Knot” in their steam libraries are eligible to win (we WILL check haha!)

Good luck and thanks for being awesome!

The Sapphire Dragon Productions Team.. Good bye TLK:
Hey Everyone,

There is no easy way to say this so we’ll just come out with it. We’re retiring “True Lover’s Knot” and taking it off steam. It’s received too many negative reviews and we feel that it truly does hurt our portfolio by having it around. We know that we said that we would attempt a re-write last year but we found that it was simply not economically feasible (it would involve very nearly making a new game and many of those that had bought and played True Lover’s Knot would have never even known about this). We would like to extend an apology to those of you that were either looking forward to the re-write or simply found the game disappointing. True Lover’s Knot was only our third title (and 2nd Visual Novel) and we were not yet so adept in the craft of making VN’s so we do understand why the reviews were so negative.

Anyway as a final hurrah we’ve decided to put a 66% discount on the game for this week. After that we will begin the process of retiring True Lover’s Knot!

Thank you so much for your support with everything!

The Sapphire Dragon Productions Team

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