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Original Title: Tough As Iron

Genge: Action,Drama,Family


















































Gang-cheol is a legendary street fighter in Busan, who cleaned up his act to care for his sick mother. Things are going well for him, and he's happy in a budding relationship with Su-ji, vacationing in the seaside town. As their relationship grows, Gang-cheol is dragged into the criminal underworld when he sees Busan gangsters Sang-gon and Hwi-gon re-staging the accidental death of a Yakuza mobster as an accident and an old friend, Jong-su, gives him up to the Busan gang. Knowing he's desperate for money for his mother's operation, Sang-gon proposes that Gang-cheol works for him. Gang-cheol refuses, but when Jong-su gives the deed to Gang-cheol's how to Sang-gon as collateral for a private loan, Gang-cheol is left with no choice, but to bite the bullet.
Kang-cheol whose name means "iron" in Korean was once a legendary street gangster in Busan, but he put away his fists and cleaned up his act for the sake of his mother Soon-i, who has dementia. This movie starts good, with the introduction of every main character and everything, their family, their love life, their job etc. But, can you imagine when someone just got into some bloody fight that could cost his life, could he go back to his home after that, have lovey dovey moment with his girlfriend, train her to ride a motorbike and everything. Without even care at all about what just happen to himself before that. That's what make this movie a little bit weird, sometime it become some happy family movie, sometime it become some Korean gangster troupe, and suddenly it become some Korean romantic love story. They tried to put a lot of substance in one movie and they failed to balancing it properly. Make the whole movie a mess till it become too boring and too irritated to follow. Maybe first timer in Korean Cinema will like this. Enjoy.

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