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About This Game

Toaster Jam is a fast paced breakfast themed arcade game with quirky puzzle elements which will test your reflexes and requires quick thinking. Guide a little carb-hungry toaster around spiky doughnuts and past angry forks to toast as many slices of bread as you can! Power up your toaster with coffee and jam boosts to complete levels faster and get higher scores.


★ 40+ levels to test your skills
★ 3 endless obstacle courses
★ Built-in level editor with Workshop integration
★ Charming toaster skins to unlock
★ Steam Trading Cards
★ Steam Achievements

Coming Soon

★ More challenging levels
★ Workshop integration
★ Different game modes

Developer d859598525

Title: Toaster Jam
Genre: Casual, Indie
Release Date: 14 Nov, 2018


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This game is a fun and sometimes challenging toaster game. I have beaten all the developer created missions and am now trying to beat as many player made levels as possible. The level design was great, really taught me the ins and outs of the games mechanics. also the skins are so cute AND NO MICRO TRANSACTIONS. i love this game and there is no shortage of user levels to find and discover on their website.. Cute and fast-paced game. Regular levels are too short but custom level features fills the space.. Cute and fast-paced game. Regular levels are too short but custom level features fills the space.. Let me say this... the content that it has to offer, is very enjoyable. Now, what I mean by this, is that there is very limited content, but the content it does offer is pretty good. Expect to be finished all of the levels in 30 minutes or less. Fortunately, the game also has an endless mode which you can spend a bit of time on. And also a level editor. Thank god for that. Still, at most you'll play the game for two hours. So if we're putting a total rating. I'd put the graphics at a 5/5 (for what the developer is trying to achieve), the gameplay at a 3.5/5, and the playtime a 2/5 (would be less, but the game is very cheap). So that's an average of 3.5 / 5. It's pretty alright. Feels more like a mobile game to be honest.

(P.S. There are trading cards which is a plus. And also achievements, which some are pretty hard to obtain. Also, there are a lot of outfits you can try and get.). Lovely little game, skins are amazingly cute. Good difficulty curve. Definetley worth the price of half a coffee!. great game 10/10 goty. Great game. I am very happy there is a level editor and hope to see more updates soon.. Simple, fun game. From the maker of Iron Snout.. Easy to master casual game. It's really fun to play and has custom levels from other people along with level editor which also is really easy to use. You can then submit levels you created if you can complete them. You should check it yourself it's not expensive.


Thousands slices of bread all over the world suddenly crumbled out of fear as this vicious toaster beast got released in to the wild!

Grab it now, while it's 20% cheaper, give it a good spin and leave your feedback in the forums or review section!

It's a little game now and you might breeze through the base levels like it's nothing, but worry not - there will be more content in the near future. Don't forget to try out level editor and share your creations around!

Share your level codes:

P.s. it has Steam Trading Card drops active already!

Let's toast!

. UPDATE #1:

Greetings, toasters!

I've heard that some of you breeze the base levels like it's nothing, so I hurried up to add a bit more crunch to your breakfast!

  • 6 new levels
  • increased level objects limit to 250
  • updated "level uploaded" menu
  • pressing ESC while playtesting will switch to edit mode instead of leaving editor

I've also created a basic guide for level editor if you're confused by label-less buttons (I'm working on improving that), so it will help you to create a truly frustrating level for yourself or your friends:
Made a neat level already? Share it here:


Toaster Jam is getting dangerously close to being released into the wilderness of Steam and I'm doing what I can to make it happen this week! Maybe even tomorrow...

The plan is to serve it now, gather as much of feedback as I can and make it even tastier during the following months. It's not going to be an Early Access game, but I have a few big updates planned which would expand content, replayability and allow easier sharing of community levels (or even light mods).

By the way, I still have a few keys to share if you'd like to get this game a few days early in exchange of letting me know your opinion about it!
. UPDATE #3:

Hello Toasters!

Starting new year of toasting with a light quality of life update and we'll go bigger from here!

Here's what's changed:
  • added an option to change level pack image in workshop
  • changed level code input to avoid Windows glitches
  • added tooltips to most level editor buttons
  • added combined stats for challenge levels
  • changed input font for clarity
  • expanded level list screen a bit for clarity

Next stop: content! Stay tuned :)

Don't forget you can submit your obstacle and powerup ideas in the forum:

And try out playing community levels from the workshop:


Retweet & follow to win the game:

Join my Discord to leave feedback and discuss new features there: UPDATE #2:

Greetings toasters!

It's time to work... and I mean the fun type of work! Toaster Jam Steam Workshop is up and running, so prepare to share packs of levels with our growing community!

Creating level packs is pretty easy, go to "Workshop" in your level list, enter the name for your item select level(s) you want to include to it, hit save & wait a bit... Bam! Your awesome levels are now available for everyone to subscribe & play!

Only a few hours left to get the game with launch discount, so I hope this update will help you answer question "to toast or not to toast"!

  • Added Steam Workshop
  • Faster level list scrolling
  • Updated link to level editor guide
  • Small bug fixes

P.S. if you have the game already, please leave a review & add some tags, so Steam algorithms could bring in more level makers!

Retweet & follow to win the game:

Join my Discord to leave feedback and discuss new features there:


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