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Original Title: The Wilby Conspiracy

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Thriller

































Having spent 10 years in prison for nationalist activities, Shack Twala is finally ordered released by the South African Supreme Court but he finds himself almost immediately on the run after a run-in with the police. Assisted by his lawyer Rina Van Niekirk and visiting British engineer Jim Keogh, he heads for Capetown where he hopes to recover a stash of diamonds, meant to finance revolutionary activities, that he had entrusted to a dentist before his incarceration. Along the way, they are followed by Major Horn of the South African State security bureau and it becomes apparent that he has no intention of arresting them until they reach their final destination
A Black anti-apartheid activist and a British engineer are forced to run from South African secret police.
A précis of the plot suggests a political drama with lots of speeches and demonstrations of brutality on the part of the South African police during the apartheid era.

Well, there is some brutality towards the end, but it's not bathetic. The stern, sadistic, patriotic, and ironic agent of national security -- Nicole Williamson in a charged performance -- is unexpectedly shot through the forehead and slumps expressionless to the ground. Nobody feels any guilt, although they probably should. Williamson himself might not even care except that his anti-black-congress activities are now interfered with by his own demise. Also, his final thought may have been, "At last, I can quit smoking."

The first half is positively funny. Nobody is better at indignant shock than Michael Caine, who is given some witty lines. Poitier, on the other hand, is more grim and dedicated to the cause of ending apartheid. Some of the other characters add color. Saeed Jaffrey is a trembling Indian dentist. Persis Khambatta is a fellow dentist and a fox both stunning and cunning. I have no idea why she copulates with Poitier, a total stranger, in a closet while police are searching the house, though I understand why Poitier might chance it.

Moments of suspense and comedy, nicely woven together and directed with no particular poetry by Ralph Nelson.

It made me laugh aloud at times. You'll probably like it if you like up-tempo pursuits and intrigues. When you think Michael Caine and Sidney Portier, you think of Comedy and Drama. Actually you get that here. Both of them do well in this chase movie. Based upon Peter Driscoll's only novel, this film has a brisk pace leaping from a court room into a cross country chase. Prunella Gee who would later be in Sean Connery's last Bond film (Never Say Never Again) is one of the 2 women who get attention along with actress Persis Khambetta (Star Trek, The Motion Picture).

While Gee gets the co-star role, Peris gets a steamy scene with Portier. The film, while fictional, is sort of about apartheid in South Africa. The struggles of that country with it's racist policy is well drawn in this film. While the film is not perfect, anyone watching it should realize that this was what was happening in South Africa when the film was made.

This film is not a classic, but is a pretty solid film to watch for entertainment. Sidney and Caine play off each other well. The Wilby Conspiracy [from Peter Driscoll’s novel] is a good action melodrama about apartheid in South Africa. It was made in Kenya. The stars Sidney Poitier and Michael Caine are relentlessly stalked by Nicol Williamson, superb as a coldly dedicated and brutal policeman out after racial agitators.

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