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Task. Dispatch the trio of troublesome figures. Kill three black mountain wolves. Investigate what is happening. Defeat 4 players from another faction. Defeat 7 Task. Train any defense to above 17.5. The sum of all your defenses must be higher than 55. The sum of all your defenses must be higher than 62.5, Run 20 21 May 2013 CHECK THIS OUT - :* (I made this guide for everyone who wishes to play TNR and to help me teach them the best way to get strong fast.). Guides This will be a short list of several helpful guides/links for players looking for in-depth information about TheNinja-RPG. Fresh Player Guide This guide is Genin Jutsus. Normal Jutsus - 2 round cooldown. 8 Uses per battle. Ninjutsu. Siphon Strike. Smog Wave. Taijutsu. Rib Shot. Smash. Genjutsu. Soul Shackles. ok Hello new player of TNR, first things first, go to the section -Academy Student- and find Academy then you train your Gen Nin Tai or the ninja rpg core 3 the ninja rpg mission guide the ninja rpg d rank missions goryo the ninja rpg the ninja rpg guide 2017 the ninja rpg appthe ninja rpg8 Aug 2016 Click "Read Story" below for an in-depth guide to TheNinja-rpg. ACADEMY STUDENT. Stats You've probably noticed that on the left hand side 10 Jul 2009 The Ninja-RPG is a Browser based fighting simulator game, who takes on the roll of a Ninja. Learn the way of Shinobi as you start as an Random Facts. Rank up requirements. 10% of total max offenses, 10% of total max defenses and 10% of total max gen. Jounin - 20% of caps. Stat Caps. Rank.

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