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Original Title: In Fast Company

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime










































As repayment to a priest who got him out of a scrape with the law, Slip agrees to drive the cab of a cabbie who has been injured in a collision. The job turns out to be more trouble than it's worth, as Slip's girlfriend is mad at him for working so much he hardly sees her, and Slip finds out that a rival cab company is involved in a scheme to wreck all of their competitors' cabs so they can have the whole city to themselves.
The crooked manager of a taxicab company is out to drive the independent owners/drivers out of business through various tactics such as sabotage, beatings and intimidation. But he crosses paths with "Slip" Mahoney, who is driving an independent cab as a favor, and the rest of the 'Bowery Boys," and this does not bode well for the crook and his henchmen.
In Fast Company (1946)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Second film in the Bowery Boys series has Slip (Leo Gorcey) offering to drive a cab for a driver who was injured on the job. Soon he and the boys find themselves in the middle of a cab war with the big cabs trying to knock over the little ones. The subject line of a cab war has been dealt with in quite a few films with the most memorable being TAXI with James Cagney and Loretta Young. This film here can't hold a candle to that one nor the previous film in the series. This second film comes off as a major disappointment as it appears the film was rushed into production without too much thought put into the screenplay. For the most part there are very few laughs to be found in this film and the biggest one comes towards the end when Sach (Huntz Hall) walks into a trophy room with various stuffed animals and gets scared. The rest of the comedy comes from rather silly slapstick including a really bad scene where the boys and a few others get locked inside a phone booth. Other forms of so-called comedy comes from the boys eating up all the bananas from a dealer and another one dealing with a watch inside one of those claw machines that Sach keeps getting but losing at the last second. As with the first film, there's no question that this was meant to show off Gorcey but that doesn't even happen that well. As expected he spills a lot of mangled dialogue but the character really doesn't do much else. Most of the supporting cast is wasted and especially Bobby Jordan. Character actor John D. Brown comes off the best as Father Donovan and I'm sure many will remember him from countless Warner pictures in the 30s. **Spoilers** To avoid a stretch in jail for stealing bananas off Tony's fruit stand Slip is given a chance to rehabilitated himself by Father Donovan in him driving a cab for the Cassidy Taxi Company. It was John Cassidy who in not selling his company out to Steve Trent, the owner of the rival Red Curcil Cab Co., that had Trent have two of cabbie goons, Gus & Pete, run him off the road and put him in the hospital with a broken arm. All this made things very difficult for Slip in that he's not exactly the "working man" type but also he's forced to break a hot date with Mable Dumbrowsky, no relation to sweet shop owner Louie as far as I know, who's been after Slip to take her out for a date for months!

Not really being that interested in hacking Slip has a change of heart when he's told by Father Donovan that the injured John Cassidy has a family to support and without him driving his taxi, and earning a living, he and his family including his 5 year old daughter Nora may well end up out in the street. Being the independent soul that he is in not giving into Trent's offer to drive for his taxi company Slip is soon given the business by goons Gus & Pete in trying to do to Slip what they did to John Cassidy. The big difference here is that Slip has back-up in the "Bowery Boys", Sach Whitey Chuck & Bobby, which Cassidy didn't! And that made a whole lot of difference when push came to shove in the upcoming taxi war that was soon to follow!

Slip Sach and the "Bowery Boys" really get their act together here in "In Fast Company" which worked so well for them for the next dozen or so years in the over 40 "Bowery Boys" flicks that followed it. We have towards the end of the movie what was to became the signature scene of almost all "Bowery Boys" films with a wild free for all between then "Bowery Boys" and their opponents, Trent and his goons, which was the highlight of the movie.

There's also introduced into the film Louie Dumbrowsky the owner of "Louie's Sweet Shop" on the Bowery where the boys, when they wren't doing anything special, used to hang out at. This was a big change as well as part for Bernard Grocey who played Louie who in the first Bowery Boys film "Live Wires" played a bit part as the local neighborhood bookie Jack Kane. Bernard Grocey, Slip's real life father, was to play Louie for the next nine years in every "Bowery Boys" movie until he was killed in a traffic accident in 1955.

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