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The Fifth Expedition Xforce Keygen

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About This Game

In the 100 years after the end of the world, the survivors an 5d3b920ae0

Title: The Fifth Expedition
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Snapjaw Games GmbH
Snapjaw Games GmbH
Release Date: 7 Apr, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP SP2+
  • Processor: Dual Core- Intel(r) Core (TM)2 CPU -T7200 @ 2.00 GHz
  • Memory:


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This game while currently limited in what you can do is really good so far and it will only get better with time.. Too dark to play even with brightness at max. The game is slow for moviemnt and that of the musue excleration is not all that good, controls fell a little cluncky thoguht this is a new game and I can see room for impovment.. For the first day on Early Access, the game is surprisingly well playable. The performance is good and I did not notice any major bugs so far. Of course there is still a lot to do for the developers, but you can get an impression of what the final game will be like. Currently you can play the on randomly generated maps in the "endless descend" mode, a campaign mode is scheduled to be released during EA. There is already a variety of traps and hazardous objects that make it quite difficult to get you team out alive. So, if you like the challenge of a tactical/strategical exploration game and can put up with the fact that campaign, skill trees, etc. are still in the making, this game is just right for you, even in EA.

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