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Original Title: The Choice

Genge: Action,Biography,Drama,History,War



































Jassim's troubled past is revealed and his allegiances tested. Aguero is forced to make a choice that scars his platoon for the rest of their lives.
Jassim and his kin buddy Humam were not impressed with the allied order since their occupation made daily life worse then under Saddam, so tempted by scares supplies freely offered in the mosque, they joined Sadr's Shiite movement. Loyal Jassim nearly rose to deputy, but was shattered and disgusted when his critical mate was executed as 'renegade' and took an interpreter job. Now he's again treated as if unreliable by the troops, considered a traitor by his own people, but proves diplomatic enough to prevent cocky sergeant Jackson guarding their involuntary host family stopping life-saving medication for cardiac patient Alim. Sadr's militia ceases the inconclusive sniper siege, seemingly withdraws, but returns with numerous civilians as human shields, including children. Jassim bravely and wisely pleads reason and Coranic virtues impressing his compatriots, but a single hothead officer resumes the advance, so close that shocked lieutenant Shane Aguero is forced to order firing.

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