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Star Vikings Forever Crack Pirates Bay

Star Vikings Forever Crack Pirates Bay

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About This Game

Build Your Strategy. Squash Space Snails. Be a Star Viking.

In Star Vikings Forever you will build your team of spacefaring Vikings to take on the evil scourge of intergalactic snails in a fun and nearly endless stream of challenging puzzles.

Best Indie at Google Play Best of 2017, Finalist at the Google Play Indie Games Festival, Winner for "Best Game Design" at the Brazilian Independent Games Festival, and “Most Offensive Game Ever” at the Space Snails Game Conference. Star Vikings Forever is a humorous Puzzle/RPG developed by the award-winning creators of Chroma Squad, Dungeonland, and Relic Hunters Zero.

Position your team of uniquely built Vikings to strategically attack enemies, and clear the board. Enemies aren’t the brightest, and will attack each other whenever they are attacked. This creates a very satisfying chain-combo system, where you can wipe entire boards with a few moves to clear a path to advance to the next stage, or to complete a specific objective.

Take your time and strategize, or for faster paced combat, make multiple moves simultaneously. Puzzles are procedurally generated, allowing for unique and nonlinear challenges every time. Each character has a standard melee attack, along with a special ability attack that will send snails crying home to their shells. Each special ability is unique to their class and provides an additional layer of strategy in solving puzzles.

Star Vikings’ unique gameplay is packed full of content, and will turn even your non-gamer grandma into a hardcore min-maxing machine by the time the credits roll! 7aa9394dea

Title: Star Vikings Forever
Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Rogue Snail
Akupara Games
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2016


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Reverse Plants vs Zombies with KILLER SOUNDTRACK. Lots of guitar and 80's clich\u00e9 opening it's pure gold.
Amazing game to play on my crappy netbook i take to work.. Loving the strategy in this game, once you get the main characters in the story to add to your clan it\u2019s a ton of fun trying to figure out the strategy of who to use and in what order so they all help each other survive the levels. The level challenges seem to change so they are repeatable for gold or experience and some add a bit of complication when they force you to use a specific character and character level..

I can see myself spending lots of time playing and replaying the levels. Some of the Arena type challenges add another aspect to the game and give you an extra piece to conquer.

Story and comic animations are pretty funny also...
. Thank you for this game.. Clever puzzle game with a great atmosphere and very polished.

9\/10. You should buy Star Vikings<\/b>. It is a game with a fantastic gameplay<\/b> for those who enjoy puzzles<\/b>. The Vikings attack the snails with hits that cause chain reactions<\/b> creating a very good feel<\/b>. The music and all sound effects<\/b> are exciting. It is a casual game in its essence but you need a lot of intelligence to do well in puzzles. I really liked it<\/b>.

Performance Patch:
Hello space snails, we have patched the game with some better performance and bug fixes!


  • InGame CPU workload optimizations (running 4 times faster)
  • Fixed some constant freezing issues
  • FPS limit option
  • Fixed Bullseye ability
  • Minor graphics optimizations
. Update 1 - First Major Update :D:
Hi everyone,

We have just released the first major Update for Star Vikings. :-)

Overall we have:
* Significant perfomance optimization;
* Smaller build size;
* Rebalance of Act 2 difficulty;
* Bug fixes

Here are the full patch notes:

*Gameplay Changes*
Act 2 quest now in line with new Fuel Node requirements
Fixed a bug where more Pirate Putrid Snails than intended were spawning on the "Pirate's Booty" stage on Act 2
Reduced Fuel Cost on Act 2 progression from 8 to 5
Reduced the difficulty on Shooter Challenge and Tank Challenge

*Fixes & Optimizations*
Huge performance improvement
Smaller textures implemented
Fix a bug where Sneaky arm color would be wrong
Fix a bug where the game would freeze
Many broken animations fixed
Bug fixes(Fix cutscene actors quality, Fix sniper white body)
New textures and backgrounds for Cutscenes
New textures for Dialogues

Thanks for playing!


~Mark. Star Vikings Forever Announced!:
We're very excited to announce that Star Vikings is getting revamped and relaunching as Star Vikings Forever on Steam, as well as releasing on iOS and Android devices July 6th!

Check out the New Trailer!

This is a free update for all current owners of the game. Earlier this year Rogue Snail announced their partnership with publisher Akupara Games[], who is working with them on this release.

There are a lot of little updates and bug fixes, but most notably we added NEW GAME PLUS! Once you beat the game, play it again with your same party, fighting harder enemies, and upgrading your Hats to the EXTREME!

Here's some of the new updates:
  • New Game Plus Mode (after you beat original game)
  • New Languages - French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian!
  • UI Revamped for Steam
  • Restart button added to all levels, so you don't have to quit out to the main menu anymore
  • Performance optimization
  • New logo, branding, title screen, and awesomeness!
. BETA Update 1 is out!:
Hey everyone,

Thanks a lot for all the help with the game's Beta. Your feedback and gameplay videos have been invaluable.

We are releasing the first major update to the Beta. The game is almost content-complete, and you can now finish it. Just be aware that the cutscenes are still very unpolished and their low quality can spoil the experience a bit.

Our first major change in response to your feedback was the interface: you told us that it is too big and too "mobile-y". We made it big to match our inspirations (PopCap games from the early 2000's, mostly), but we understand that for today's standards they look uncomfortable and they make the game look like a mobile port.

We hope you like the new look for the interface! Our Shop is still unfinished though, so it still looks ugly (sorry!).

Next update: the ranked "Trials of Valhalla" mode! (that's the big green gate on Snail Planet, for those of you who asked).



Act 4 is now accessible!
All Mystery Levels are now accessible!
The Boss Battle and Ending are now accessible (but cutscenes still suck though)!
OSX and Linus versions!

New interface scale and polish! Let us know what you think! :)

Fixed a bug where Lava Snails would target the exit squares;
Fixed a bug where the Pirate Snails and Temple Snails visuals would change while attacking;
Fixed a bug where 4:3 resolutions would not allow you to exit the board on the top left corner;
Fixed a bug where the "Delete" button on the Viking Screen would show up in the wrong Language;
Fixed a bug where Moon Snails would steal health from one another creating an infinite combo;
Fixed a bug where the Ice Rifle effect would be crazy and floating around the screen;
Fixed a bug where the Fire Trap effect would be misplaced when fired upwards;
Fixed a bug where the price for Laser Sweep item would be displayed incorrectly on the shops;
Fixed several minor text errors;. Beta Is Over!:
Hi everyone,

Thank you dearly for assisting us during the past few months. Your feedback has been invaluable!

The Beta is officially over and we are releasing the game on Thursday (October 6th) for PC, Mac and Linux! Yay!

Your Beta keys won't carry over to the final game. If you liked the game, please support us by buying a copy!

**But just wanted to give you a heads-up!**

Before release tomorrow Valve will revoke free Beta access. The full game will only be available if you purchase it.

You might get a very scary message saying you had a "Payment Issue" or some nonsense like that. It's a default message from Valve, and I wish they could change it, but it 100% HARMLESS and will NOT flag your account or have ANY negative repercussions whatsoever.

I hope it is clear :) And I hope it does not scare you when it comes up (I find it to be a bit scary, myself).


~Mark. Star Vikings Forever Released!:
The day has finally come, Star Vikings Forever is LIVE!

Are you going to start the game over with a fresh team, or hop into the fray on New Game + mode?

If you didn't hear, there's some fun updates:
  • New Game Plus Mode (after you beat original game)
  • New Languages - French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian!
  • UI Revamped for Steam
  • Restart button added to all levels, so you don't have to quit out to the main menu anymore
  • Performance optimization
  • New logo, branding, title screen, and awesomeness!
. Bug Squashin' Update!:
Hello space snails, long time! We've updated the game with a bundle of bug fixes for you. This doesn't include every outstanding issue, but should bring some further improvements to your experience!

  • Bug Fix - Loki's Helmet bonus skill damage is now given to the entire party
  • Bug Fix - Some days the Daily Quests would display an error message. This is now addressed
  • Enhanced Quest notification - old unfinished daily quests do not pop up anymore, before you get a new one
  • The Party screen is now unselectable on Act 1 part 1
  • The Quest button is now unselectable when you don't have any active quests
  • Fixed some interface layouts that were broken
  • Small fixes to Localization for Russian, French, Italian, and Spanish

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