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Speedy Girls - Dream Team Manual Activation Unlock Code And Serial

Speedy Girls - Dream Team Manual Activation Unlock Code And Serial

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About This Game

Cool cars and beautiful racers - what can be better?

In Speedy Girls: Dream Team you become a sponsor who provides financial assistance to prospective women drivers and also gives them advice which track and which car to choose for each race.

- Every girl has her own unique skills;
- Every track has its own characteristics;
- All cars can be upgraded;
- Money for upgrading cars can be earned in a mini-game.

The thankful girls will gradually undress to make you happier.

You can chat with each girl - the game has a built-in chat bot.

- Learn more about the girls or just have fun;
- Admire beautiful bodies;
- Do not forget to improve racing cars and choose tracks - you are a sponsor, not a ladies' man! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Speedy Girls - Dream Team
Genre: Indie
Night Dreams Studio
Night Dreams Studio
Release Date: 27 Sep, 2018

English,German,Simplified Chinese,Portuguese,Russian

Just no.

Personally, the girls weren't even the selling point to me, the game's perceived intricate system was (the match 3 + races + upgrading a car + chatting with the girls). But most of it is redundant or a lie.

The match 3 is very simple and without a failure state. The upgrades can be just brute forced into the first car by using all the match 3 abilities, gaining currency and restarting. "Every girl has her own unique skills; Every track has its own characteristics; All cars can be upgraded;" are suppose to be selling points, but these points become irrelevant. The races are 30 second timers that mean nothing, the chatting with the girls is a cute gimmick, but has no bearing on any mechanic and is a chat bot, all cars have different starting stats, but they are upgraded the same.

The UI is different from the screenshot from the store page. The girls in-game have no stats unlike shown. The tracks have no weather elements. There are only 3 tracks and they're not interwoven like shown. The car drawn in the screenshot is not even in the game.

With the redundancy of the description and screenshots, I'd call it false advertising. I got it at .99\u20ac during sale but I regret it.. Save your five bucks. Play Bejeweled with a porn browser in another window. It'd be a better experience than playing this game.. By the same group that brought you Football Girls: Dream Team, Speedy Girls takes the concept towards racing. Well, sort of. Still, you have to go through the Match-3 game (5 girls total) to get money\/credits to upgrade your car. The point, of course, is to fine tune the car to win races. Winning a race unlocks another car for you to use. Aside from the matching the girl achievements, there are achievements for 1, 10, 20 and 30 races, fully upgrading your car, and talking to all the girls via the chat (which can be done after completing the fourth girl, as you can \u201cchat\u201d with the fifth girl then). Do note the chat is a bit\u2026 limited. As in, I\u2019m not sure who came up with the responses\u2026

Suggest getting this on discount, but otherwise\u2026 you get what you paid for\u2026. Don't waste your money they hyped up the description of the game and it's not what was expected. this game sucks i want a refund.

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