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Solstice Portable Edition

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About This Game

Solstice is a very retro wargame, heavily inspired by the classi 5d3b920ae0

Title: Solstice
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy, Early Access
JimJams Games
JimJams Games
Release Date: May 2019


  • OS: Windows 7 or better
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.80 Ghz or higher
  • Memory: 2 MB RAM


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Very well done visual novel. Love the Arcanum-like magitech vibes in the setting, but the characters are what sold it to me. Having two protagonists also puts a fun twist on things.. Beautiful art and soundtrack. A story with a host of interesting characters and lush environments to keep you occupied. Really gives you the impression of choice, though towards the end your options did feel more limited. Still a fantastic game with an immersive world and a lot of potential for replay.. I really wanted to like this game. I really enjoy visual novel type games, games where you get to chose what you want to say or how you want to behave. Sadly this game is extremely slow. I played it for over an hour and basically nothing happened. I was falling asleep waiting for anything to happen. The story just doesn't manage to take off. Maybe if I somehow managed to sit through 5+ hours of slow chitchat between characters I don't really care about the story would start to pick up, but sadly this game will stay in my mind somewhere close to game of thrones, where I just couldn't get myself to care about any characters and stopped watching after Sean Bean's character died. That's not a spoiler. BUT! If you enjoy slow stories, give it a go! I'm not saying it's bad game, I'm just saying it's not for people who like it when stuff happens within the first hour of a game.. Solstice is a game which is mechanically the same as Cinders, focusing of choice and role-playing to enbale this exploration, the fact the endings have variants within them is a clever touch. One such touch is the mention of a character from the Cinders game, suggesting both games to be in the same universe. One thing which this game has is a note section automatically recording information you have learnt. As expected, the artwork is gorgeous and there is an atmospheric soundtrack to bring the world to life, this game is full of intrigue and it a lovely concept.. The highly detailed art work brings the mysterious world of Solstice alive. A vibrant cast of characters add to the experience and keep the story moving.. Shoehorned sexytime infront of a madman's ghost: Solstice is a strange little title. It boasts a pretty narrative set in an established world, well-sculpted dialogue and fitting music. Some of the character interactions are a bit strange (they animated a couple of kiss scenes, for instance, which feel like they're thrust together with the same casual comfort as the others gesticulate), and I feel that some of the scenes could be more to the point. Has most of the technical systems I'd expect in a modern VN, although it's a bit limited on save spaces and I think the skip feature a bit too minimal - if you're looking for completion% you'll be a bit let down. The autoplay is nice and most of the time you can view previous dialogue (although there are some unwarranted cut-offs around dramatic action). The subtle "variants" on the endings as a mark of accomplishment aren't really my thing; a good ending disrupted by an extremely early dialogue choice seems unkind to the player. Further, a lot of the recycled dialogue in these slight variations is considered "new" to the player, and hence unskippable, making the gameplay akin to Clicker Heroes. There's something silly about imposing an emotional compass as visual novel choices: direct, consequence-orientated actions described as such always seems the most appropriate to me. I think Solstice's conversational prompts are a tad too cryptic in the context of 'absolute' completion. For a single playthrough however, they offer enough for you to feel mildly involved in the storyline. I'm having enough fun that I'd consider recommending it as a good example of the Western VN - and depending on what themes you're after, this might do a uniquely good job - but if I had to choose something to represent that geographical subgenre it'd sooner be VA-11 Hall-A or KS.. I rarely play Visual Novels. I've dumped most of them half way trough. And the fact that I played this trough AND pursued additional endings. I'd say thats a pretty darn good visual novel in my books. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Good stuff, would recommend Also,, just a hint. If you're into writing that doesnt neccessarily result in a happy endings but still feel satisfying, this is for you.. It's an okay game maybe a bit weird and to much about sex for some reson. Though the biggest disapointment is the fact that the gamecode contains error causing the game to crash before the end. So it's in need of som serious work on that department. Also, there's a bit annoying that the characters is mirrored when the stand on the "other side" with other words: if the got a bracelet on it allways either against you or away from you no matter which side you watch the person from. A bit poor made with other words.. Really well written, beautiful (and addicting) game :)

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