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Soccer Nations Battle Download Without Key

Soccer Nations Battle Download Without Key

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About This Game

Play exciting local multiplayer side-scrolling soccer battles!

Prepare for fast-paced matches with lots of goals: block, tackle or simply outsmart your opponent. Play 1v1 up to 4v4 matches in this wild and hilarious party-game.

Following the release of our mobile games Soccer Nations: Brazil (2014), Paris (2016) and Russia (2018), we created this game for demos and events and it turned out to be real fun! Now we made it available to you for your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else to play together with friends.

You can play with two people on one keyboard, or up to eight people with controllers. Grab a friend, pick your teams and kick it!

(Beware: at this point, there is no single player mode!) 7ad7b8b382

Title: Soccer Nations Battle
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Early Access
Virtual Play
Virtual Play
Release Date: 17 May, 2018

English,French,Italian,German,Arabic,Dutch,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Simplified Chinese

soccer nations battle

I don't even know how I found this game, but we play this with 4-6 players at work in the lunch break. It has fun and simple game mechanics and leads to many funny moments.

I think more people should know about this game, it's really worth the 79 cents.

I'm looking forward to any upcoming updates.

The only downside is you cannot change the graphic settings, as we are playing on weak laptops and it doesn't run 100% smoothly.

PS: Don't be surprised by my really low play time - we are playing on a different account in family mode.. The problem with the game is it has no bots or NPCs, or online matches either. I know it's only a 99 cent game (and I got in on sale for 49 cents) but I barely get to play it unless I have a friend around. Other than that the gamplay is pretty fun and addicting. But only get it if you have a friends willing to play with you. Also I hope there can be a bot to play with in further updates (as this game seems to be in ealy access). 8\/10 Fun game, buy if you have alot of friends over.

The game is very fun to play with friends, it does lack bots, which makes it only playable with friends. At this moment I can't find a way to play multiplayer online, which is annoying because it says 'Multiplayer' here on the store page.

Overall I'd rate it a 9 in gameplay, minus a point for online lack and bot lack.

. Great fun! Jump, tackle and header your way to the goal - that's all there is to it. Matches are fast with lots of goals, and a surprising amount of skill. Plus it's just funny to knock the ball out from between someone's feet in mid-air :D
Recommended if you have a few friends and controllers (2 can play on keyboard + more on controllers).

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