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Show Must Go On Free Download [Crack Serial Key

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About This Game

SHOW MUST GO ON is an easy to play rhythm VR game that will give you a lot of fun!

Jump onto the stage and make your music show.
Wake up the dancers and let them feel the rhythm with you.
Fill the stage with colors and light effects.
All you need to do is to feel the beat.
Hit the drums in time with the music.
Collect consecutive bubbles connected with stars.
Puncture the bubbles.

Do it perfectly and the next dancers will start to dance and the point multiplier will increase.
If you like energetic music, rhythm and drums SHOW MUST GO ON is for you!

There are four types of instruments in SHOW MUST GO ON:
You need to hit the drum in the exact moment the marker passes through the hoop.
Puncture the bubbles in the exact moment the whole bubble fills with color.
Grab the bubbles in the exact moment the whole bubble fills with the color.
Collect blue bubbles using the blue wand.
Collect yellow bubbles using the yellow wand.
Also collect the stars. They will give you additional points.
Hit the key with a stick when the bubble reaches the key and its inside will fill with color.
Blue and green are for upper keys, red and orange are for lower ones.

A Beautiful Life [easy]
All Night Rock [very hard]
Evolution [hard]
Himalaya [normal]
Just Feel The Beat [easy]
Legacy [hard]
Lets Rock And Dance [very hard]
Life Is Beautiful [normal]
Accordion [hard]
Brass Ska [very hard]
Polka [normal]
Reggae Ska [easy]
Brazil Samba [very hard]
Electro Swing [normal]
Positive Dubstep [very hard]
Alternative Rock [very easy]
Beat [very easy]
Hard Rock Upbeat [easy]
Hip Hop Dubstep [very easy]
Rocking Country Blues [very easy]
This Is Positive [easy]
Swedish Clubbing [hard]
Swing It [hard]
Orchestra Dubstep [normal]
Funky Dance Pop [hard]
Happy Summer [normal]
Energetic Rock [very hard]
Dance [normal]
Moombahton [normal]
Tropical Summer [normal]
Dubstep [very hard]
Epic Dubstep [very hard]
Emotional Dubstep [very hard]
Office [very hard]
Balkan Ska [very hard]
Balkan Party [very hard]

You can choose what you like

You will get:
10 points - PERFECT
5 points - GREAT
3 points - OK

There are numbers over the heads of the dancers. These are multiplier points.
When you wake up more and more dancers, the multiplier will start to increase your score according to its number.

Also collect the stars connecting the bubbles in sound trackers. They will give you some extra points.
You will also receive an extra 250 points when you collect four or more perfects in a row (separately for the right and left hand). a09c17d780

Title: Show Must Go On
Genre: Casual, Indie
Release Date: 9 Mar, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer
  • Processor: Intel® i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 equivalent or greater
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 / AMD Radeon™ R9 290 equivalent or greater
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2300 MB available space


I thought this game would 1-up games like Audiosheild<\/i> and deliver a more dynamic experiance. The game looked like it would be the Guitar Hero<\/i> of VR, but ended up being lackluster in execution.

This game is not<\/b> capable of incorporating any songs from your computer, itunes, or Youtube. You may only play the game's royalty-free songs which, in my opinion, get boring fast. I can't expect every developer to be able to do this, but even if the limited playlist doesn't bother you, there is a much more prominent, fundemental flaw in the game that completely kills the immersion.

Most instrument-simulation games will penalize you for missing or wrong notes by muffling or distorting the respective note in the song, and this could be easily done by cutting out the sound and playing a sound effect. This way, the player feels as though every note is important to the preformance, embarassed by their mistakes and more satisfied by a perfect preformance. This game does not<\/b> have this feature and makes note accuracy feel pointless, it's the same song weather you hit every note perfectly or miss them all.

Audiosheild<\/i> may not be very dynamic, and its mechanics may not look immersive on paper, but it is a much better rythm game than SHOW MUST GO ON.<\/i>. Great game, engaging with good graphic. I keep my fingers crossed.. This is a great game, bought it in the VR sale along with Due, which is found to be amazing.

These are now some of my favourate VR games.

I hope the dev does some more VR games, as I will certainly by buying them.. Played 1 song on demo and then got the game :)

I like these types of game, I really liked Audiosheild but that is starting to feel abit to stale after 20+ hours and wanted something different. This game does it perfectly, the swapping instruments are a great touch so each song feels like a new game. Considering this is early access, the current content feels extremely well polished and the only thing I can critisize is the ammount of songs to choose from (in comparison to the fact you can use any song for things like Audiosheild).

But this is early access and one of the best early access released I have played in a while, I have only recently purchased it but looking at the patch notes new content is added often enough and I am sure either a build your own song addition\/mod or automatic generator will be added at some point which will truly unlock the potential of this.

Even now looking at it, there is enough content to keep you going, but extras could be added in such as additional skins for the dancers and\/or instruments (maybe earn currency via doing well on tracks) or even some sort of multipalyer (hotseat score keeping). Just some ideas though, I am sure some excellent stuff is going to come out of this.

Extremely well polished
Great visuals
Very fun
Great music

If you played it to death I suppose the same 28ish songs might get boring.

If you are still unsure, just try the demo :) But this is on my must have list for VR.
. This is a very good game. Make some DLC's with more songs and extra content for me to buy.. OH MY GOD I FRICKIN' LOVE THIS GAME!

Even though I'm rythmically challenged and haven't played anything lioke this since Taiko no Tatsujin on PSP, this is great stuff. Looked at Audioshield but this has a variety of instruments for the short of attention span like me. OK baked in audio tracks but they are pretty good tunes (some quite catchy)!. Really fun casual VR game and my first VR Rhythm game. Its really good for what it is imo and I think if you have ever liked rhythm games you should give this a try :). This is a very good game. Make some DLC's with more songs and extra content for me to buy.. Guys... this is ONE...FUN, GOOD game!!!! in short... just get it!

I'm keeping this one...and i will definitaly buy any DLC (after they polish the game itself more ofcourse!)

- Good music... for everyone there is at least one song! from ska to even polka(love that one :)
- More Challenging then you might think!
- A great stage with nice lighteffects
- different 'instruments' in variations (different drums, some more challenging)
- Clear menu... no hassle (although an exit option and game options menu would be nice)

Things to improve
- More music please!!
- i want current songs on different difficulty lvls, every songs now has it's own fixed difficulty
- More instruments please! (i want a melodic instruments mayb a bit more analog? follow a wave with the controller for example for voicewave)
- More instruments :) Air guitar!!!
- It could use a slightly better feedback (in the audio) that you hit the right 'notes', it's only visual now
- two outer purple tracks....make one of em different ( and both brighter)
- More stages... this one is awesome, but this game really can use more stages... its awesome, but i want more!
- Multiplayer band would be fun :) (coop AND play off)
- the Game itselfs (besides the music part) is a bit 'empty' it feels like i'm alone...when i'm on a streak...let the 'virtual crowd or girls that are in the game' give a bit feedback...
- Before starting the song play a sample that says: "Ready! 3...2....1" or something like that...
- Use more samples in the menu, voice or clicks,'s a GAME guys! not Excel :)

- timings seems sometimes a itty bit off when there is happening a lot...
- fixed difficulty on each song.
- Exit\/Options Menu
- The ending of each song is weird, it sometimes feels as if the song ends in the middle, but its the end and then it repeats a bit before going back into the menu
- feels a bit like early access to me...a GREAT one, but still not 'that ready'

My advise is : BUY IT, it's great fun for a incredible price!!

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