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Sex must be enjoyable and relishing. It must nourish your soul so that the experience becomes unforgettable and lovable. But, somewhere it is very tough to enjoy when you are constantly thinking about your performance in bed and getting conscious about it. Your emotions have a lot to do with your sexual performance. Each and every feeling of yours affects your bed performance. One must consider themselves lovable and confident enough before and after intimacy so that your partner is equally comfortable with you. The Best sexologist in Gurgaon will help you cope up this anxiety and stress. There are many ways by which one can overcome sexual anxiety. Dr. P.K Gupta who is the best Sex treatment in Gurgaon has suggested some very effective ways of dealing with anxiety which may affect your sexual performance.

Best sexologist in Gurgaon

  • Show interest in your partner’s interest –

    It is something very wonderfully said by Dr. Gupta who is the top Sexologist doctor in Gurgaon that you must show interest in your partner’s interest which can make things better. Make him/ her feel worthy and loved which will take the steering of love life at a very great turn. Keep one thing in mind that the more you take interest into your partner’s activities, the more she/he will be passionate about you on the bed. Create the atmosphere of love making and comfort so that there is no place for stress, anxiety and bed performance as nothing would be scripted and everything will happen on its own.


  • Make the foreplay and love making last longer –

    P.K Gupta who is a renowned Sexologist in Gurgaon suggested many ways to kill your bedroom anxiety and one of them is to last on the foreplay game. Yes! You heard it right; Foreplay increases the drive and excitement amongst the couple which simplifies the things at a very vast extent. Keeping that in mind, you must concentrate on your foreplay so that your partner is crazy for you and wanting desire is on peak. For a woman, foreplay can make the sex enjoyable and pleasurable by 10 times. The arousal is addictive to her and bed performance here comes to the best on its own.



  • Do not hamper your anxious emotions on to your bed performance –

    For men, emotions and erection are interconnected. If a man is aroused, he must think happy and pleasurable so that it does not hamper his sexual performance as erection is affected by negative and stressful thoughts. The mind must be free and calm so that the person is comfortable and he is in his zone. When comfort surrounds the person, the things happen on its own at the best of the level and stressful emotions can ruin it all. All of this is recommended by a Good sexologist in Gurgaon.


  • Tease to play long –

    Tease your girl, make her feel that you want her, spend more time with her in bed by cuddling, spooning so that she feels wanted and loved. Teasing is the basic and lovely technique to last long. Keep one thing in mind that you must be confident on yourself as confidence is the biggest turn on in women. Surprise her with beautiful surprises and initiate with love making with her.



  • Do not doubt yourself –

    The key to kill anxiety on bed is to boost your confidence. Think of the fact that you can do it and she loves you anyhow can make things better and it can eliminate the feeling of stress and anxiety in the person. Doubting on yourself would be the key step towards bad intimacy times as it can make your girl turn off. She may perceive that you are not interested in her or you don’t love her anymore. Doubt can be very toxic for relationships so do not keep any place for doubts in your relationship.


  • Talk to your partner about it –

    Your partner is your friend first, and then she is your love/wife. If you feel any type of stress or anxiety while before or after sex, you must discuss it with her as emotional needs must be satisfied first. Talking can actually heal a lot of things as it eliminates the feeling of suspicion and doubt. So any type of anxiety pressure and stress can be the best dealt by your partner.


So here are some of the ways suggested by Dr. P.K Gupta who has the best Sexologist clinic in Gurgaon. Consult him for more as he believes that counseling, talking and sharing can heal the things at a very vast level.

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