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Intercourse is the most enjoyable and pleasured part of your sexual moments. It can not only bring the wave of excitement, but can generate the spark between the partners. Intercourse must be filled with pleasure. But what if sexual deficiencies hinder in your sexual space? You must keep in mind one thing that everything in this world has a treatment and you must treat yourself with the Best & No.1 Sexologist in Delhi. Dr. P.K Gupta’s clinic has been entitled as Top sexologist clinic in Delhi. He has listed some myths below that have always been very intruding in the minds of people.


 Best sexologist in Delhi

  • Large penises matter

Penis comes in all shapes and sizes, but penis size does not matter. All it matters is the amount of comfort and care you share with each other. The understanding and fantasy can make it happen beautifully.

  • Women face orgasm after every intercourse

No! Not all women face orgasm after intercourse, every woman has its own way of dealing with it.  But if she never faces an orgasm, it is a reason to worry. She must consult the Best Sexologist doctor in Delhi.

  • Vagina loosens after having more of sexual contact

Leading Sexologist in Delhi NCR quotes that this is a myth that vagina can determine that how many sexual partners she had. Vagina relaxes when the woman is aroused and vagina is contracts when she is nervous.

  • Men think more about sexual activities

This is a myth which must be terminated as men and women have equal sexual desires. But only having sexual desires in mind is a disorder and you must treat it well by the Best Sexologist in Delhi that is Dr. P.K. Gupta.

  • Sexual videos portray the truth

“Porn videos are a medium to earn money. They do not show the truth. So please do not get influenced by what they say.” Quoted by P.K Gupta, he is known to give the Top Sex Treatment in Delhi.

  • Women take longer to get turned on as compared to men

It is all the matter of compatibility and comfort. There is no such thing like this. Dr. P.K. Gupta proved this by a survey. He is the best doctor who gives Sexual Treatment in Delhi.

  • Masturbation can make the person weak

Quoted by the leading doctor who is known to provide the best Sexologist Treatment in Delhi in that masturbation can release stress and it is healthy. But over of it is not healthy, it is a disorder.

  • Only intercourse can be arousal

For some people, even the touch can be an arousal. There is no hard and fast rule of it that only intercourse can arouse women.

  • Wide gap between the partners can make the intercourse more enjoyable

Do not take “sugar daddy” role play from Hollywood seriously. Compatibility and comfort matters the most. So gap is not such important in that case.

  • Women don’t masturbate

Everyone has a right to satisfy their gratification irrespective of their gender. So this is not true that women don’t masturbate because it depends upon person to person.

How can one search “Sexologist Treatment in Delhi Near me?”

You can easily get a Sex specialist doctor in Delhi near me, who can provide you with the best of his services. Dr. P.K. Gupta is the best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi near me who treats his patients with a friendly and open attitude.

NOTE- We believes in complete confidentiality.


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