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Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - Hero Of The Nation Activation Code [Xforce]

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - Hero Of The Nation Activation Code [Xforce]

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About This Content

English localization for this DLC will be available in a week. Please excuse us for the inconveniences.

The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties. Never regret.

After the siege of St. Pierre at Martinique you have become the most notorious Captain of French Navy - it's a great opportunity to take all the power you can handle!
Fight your way to the very top of French powers! Sieges, epic sea battles and dirty colonial business affairs! Whould you like to become a General-Governor of French New World?


  • Long, dramatic and satisfying story arc!
  • Sieges, epic sea battles and dirty colonial business affairs!
  • New powerful item - a sword made for the Order of Malta's Grand Master!
  • A chance to become the General-Governor of French colonies!

Title: Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - Hero of the Nation
Genre: RPG
BlackMark Studio
Release Date: 15 Dec, 2017


still waiting for it in english, not worth getting until its translated in english, hope they do it before the other dlc is released. This DLC are not compatible with the older version saved game. I finished all of the the quest on 2016. Need to restart the whole process with timeline quest to get this DLC working. Just wasting my money on it. Hope this DLC can be activated in the early game just like a sandbox game (COAS) without any requirement and maybe it will be an alternative quest to saved brother.. "English localization for this DLC will be available in a week. Please excuse us for the inconveniences." 12\/15\/2017

Today is Jan. 15th, 2018. It seems like the Russian calendar is quite different with the one we use all over the world.


Ok, on Aug 14th 2018, the english localization is finally finished, by the community though.. I can't wait to get the English version, here is an idea make a DLC that adds voice acting to the full game to better enjoy the game for people that do enough reading at work or school, charge money just turn this game into a talky. Please stop making missions with time lines it feels like a job which is bs, and make NPC's that have quests stand out not to waste time.. Crashes at the end of the quest, impossible to complete. Why do steam offer this DLC in shop in english language if it's not the truth ?. DLC is still not available in English...I understand there may be delays, however the DLC should not be sold until it is ready.. First, a bit of context \u2013 the previous DLC, the Jolly Roger, did not meet universal acclaim. There were criticisms. Some critics were louder than others. I myself have outlined the most obvious issues with the Jolly Roger DLC in my review of it. And having just finished the Hero of the Nation DLC, it seems pretty clear to me that the developers listened to the criticisms carefully \u2013 perhaps more carefully than they should have. As such, we have a DLC that lacks both the issues AND the strengths of the previous one.

Gone are the strict time limits. For each quest you get 1-2 months, which is plenty of time to prepare for whatever awaits you.

But at the same time, gone is intricate and nuanced storytelling. Every quest of the Jolly Roger had 5-10 stages. The first one was easily one of the best. In contrast, one of the first quests of the Hero of the Nation is to deliver a passenger to two different isles. Come on devs, you know better than that!

You no longer have to worry about hellishly unfair fights \u2013 be it sea or land battles, you get enough resources, time, and people to fight in a glorious all-out war. And those ARE fun.
You will get plenty of opportunity to acquire monstrous 1 class ships, which are a site to behold. There is also one unique location, which is very nice, and the final prize is sweet.

But at the same time, you don\u2019t meet that many interesting characters either. There\u2019s actually, only one brand new character, the rest are the ones that you\u2019ve already met in the main game. That\u2019s not to say that it\u2019s a bad thing \u2013 develop what you already have all you want, but this will also remind you that the devs did not spend enough time coming up with an interesting story.
And this is one big issue of this DLC \u2013 too straight forward, too simple.

There are couple other minor quips I have with the DLC.
(1)\tThis is clearly not a spoiler, as you all expect Charles to advance on the career ladder and get a high rank. But the problem is \u2013 the soldiers in the cities don\u2019t recognize him as their superior. They still bark at me, \u201cWhaddayawant\u201d every time I address them.
(2)\tThe only new character is not voiced. I mean, he does not have his own line, like everyone else. This bugs me. That one sweet line that characters have is part of what gives the game its charm.

If you want action, you\u2019ll get plenty of it. In that department, the DLC truly delivers. It is action packed and fair on the new-comers. But I value story. I like nuance and detail. So to me, this DLC is a slight step down from the Jolly Roger.

Still, I can\u2019t in good conscience tell you not to get it. For $5, the content more than pays for itself.
Verdict: 6.5\/10. Any DLC without new ship is meant to screw us :-P
Alright.I didn't want to write these words,I had a regatta to win.But the so-called twice fixed regatta still blocked me at Bridgetown.The only improvement was I could finnish 3 stages of the race,instead of zero.Never the less,once again I have nothing to do now.Thus I have time to talk about the new DLC.
I bought Hero of Nation as soon as it was released,to show my support to the devs and the game.Never played it yet,however.Thanks to the delay.But I read the walkthrough so basicly I know what this DLC looks like.
Now dear Charles has a chance of being governor.All hail!So what?He is governor of NOTHING.No real power,not even over a common citizen.Lord governor is merely a void title.What he do is still sailing,or raiding.Look!A governor that raids on a pirate ship!How ironic...Don't tell me that Governor Charles has the power of collecting tax from St Martin.With a character who is capable to finnish this DLC,I don''t need money.
I'm NOT blaming this DLC for the lack of real governor power.I'm blaming the devs for they had forgot what the game was.This is an adventure free sandbox pirate RPG.I bought it for adventure,pirate life,strange stories and the Ghost Ship,not for noble titles or politic power.
Should I want to be governor or king of the new world,void title or with real power,I could play Empire Total War.Build my own fleet,capture the colonies of New Spain one by one,assign a mayor to each of them,and construct whatever I want,then blackmail King Carlos the Idoit a huge sum for a ceasefire.I've had enough of that,so I deleted my ETW savegame and went back to TEHO.
Why are there always some players crying for high level politic authorty element in adeventure RPG?Why do they have to seek for the chance of being governors,dukes,prime ministers or kings in a pirate game?Why did the devs listen to them and mix this once great game with something that doesn't suit it?
Looks like next DLC will be normal.I like Charles,and Sea Dogs,really.
BTW,please make your third fix to regatta.Most of my friends didn't find that the bug still exists,as you had already disappointed them with the fail of the first regatta fix and they didn't even want to try the second.TEHO has no native language of us,yet still they play it with dictionary in hand.Do NOT let them down again,plz.. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:
Presently this DLC remains only available in Russian, although Steam states otherwise, as of the date of this review. The English translation is not complete. I cannot recommend DLC that cannot be accessed!

The DLC updates the game to SDTEHO 1.6.0, so if you do not see that on the main menu, this means it is not there.
In addition, there are SUBSTANTIAL requirements that have to be met BEFORE the DLC can be played, if those are not aware, this DLC is meant to be played LATE GAME, not when the game is activated!

Final critical notes for requirements:
1) Tthe city of Saint-Pierre and the whole of Martinique were SUCCESSFULLY saved from the Spanish invaders ("Defense of Saint-Pierre");
2) Charles de Mor went on a quest ( "In search of the Guardian of Truth" ) his brother or already found it (OR the main story is over completely);
3) The French patent and the uniform of the French officer are present, are acquired after "Turtle Soup", or provided if Charles de Maure initially turned them down. I do not know if you can get a second patent, if you $#@! up.
4) The recommended rank of Charles de Mora for the start of the plot campaign is AT LEAST 25-30 and above.

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