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About This Game

Rotastic is an addictive 2D arcade game, offering accessible, innovative and original gameplay, and a huge dose of fun without taking itself too seriously. Behind very simple swinging mechanics hides a deep gameplay with numerous possibilities to challenge your reflexes, ingenuity, and skills!

Collect items, escape deadly traps, send your opponents flying to their doom, smash bricks, execute aerial acrobatics, burst chickens to dust and feathers, or top the fastest speedruns! The solo campaign spreading across 7 worlds and nearly 70 levels offers hours of fun, with a wide range of gameplay to value replayability! Pit your skills against your friends and the players from around the world by beating the best scores for every one of each level!

Rotastic offers local battle mode, for up to 4 players to either race for item collecting, or tried-and-true deathmatch. Multiplayer is intense and full of fun!
  • Accessible controls for addictive, pick-up-and-play swinging action!
  • 70 levels with varied objectives and ever-increasing difficulty
  • A simple game mechanic, which builds into deep gameplay: solve puzzles, collect items, fight foes, survival, acrobatic moves, brick-breaker… and sometimes all of that at once!
  • 4 player local multiplayer, compete against friends!

Title: Rotastic
Genre: Action, Casual
Dancing Dots
Focus Home Interactive
Release Date: 11 Oct, 2012


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New concept (at least to me).

Simple, addictive and fun.. im surpised no one has disliked this exept for me. it waaaaayyy to repedative for me. its mostly only a thing you can play once or tiwce. played it once youve played it all.. Fun in its simplicity. Would fit perfectly on a mobile device.. Fun game if you can get it for under 5 bucks . If i can play multiplayer with humans instead of bots it will be 2x better but not sure if i can because this game is meant for a xbox controller so navigating menus is a pain.. It seems clear xbox port, which proves:
- USB headphones not work correctly
- resolution is not mentioned
- screen size didn't fit actual monitor.
. Great simple party game. Only has local versus mode.
Best if you can hook up multiple gamepads to PC.
There is a lot more skill involved than how it first appears.
Single player is OK but best part is against humans.. Fun and challenging, the local multiplayer makes it one of the best party games I've ever played.. u only have to press one button in this game. and its awesome! :)

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