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Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut Torrent Download [Ativador]

Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut Torrent Download [Ativador]

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About This Game

Get ready to take a trip back to the 80s, the 1880s!
Help young Queen Victoria fight her way across Mars and attempt to escape home in this exceedingly retro arcade adventure!
Created to look, feel and sound like an 8-bit styled videogame from the 1980s - Rock Boshers DX: Director’s Cut mixes top down and side on 8-way directional shooting action.

See amazing sights as you journey across Mars. Prepare to bosh rocks! - with only the occasional break for tea and scones.

RBDX is a 2D pixel drawn arcade action game, created as if made on an 8bit hardware (choose from either NES or ZX Spectrum visuals), but modernised with widescreen formatting, HD rendering and of course - no colour clash!

Authentic 8bit loading sounds and borders art!
Soldiers, zombies, giant bugs, tanks and more all try to block your progress.
Leaderboards to compete on and achievements to obtain.
Weapons to collect to help you escape the levels, such as Coal Rockets and Steam Lasers.
Hidden snacks to collect to unlock bonus arcade games.
4k and above rendering on PCs with the correct hardware/display.

Yes you can collect snacks hidden throughout the levels to unlock bonus arcade games such as:

- sees you chasing down a giant lump of Cheddar.

- is a mini spinoff from the DX version, where you must protect a milk pipeline under the sea.

- places you in the shadow of some ancient Martian pyramid as you dash to collect gems.

- lets you take to the stars in your very own space ship.

Which other retro action game which lets you play as Queen Victoria, through a small chunk of 100% accurate history from an alternate universe? :D
You even get to meet Charles Darwin!

Title: Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 10 Dec, 2014


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Note: video review embedded below.

When I was young, the internet was something I still didn’t fully understand, and spending money was low, I used to invest in compilations of shareware games that lined the shelves of every PC gaming clearance rack. The games themselves were rarely any good, but given there were hundreds on each disc it provided at least a moderate distraction in a time when I wasn’t looking for much more.

Rock Boshers DX feels a lot like a game I would have found on one of those discs. It’s aesthetically nostalgic but in a way that feels less a product of a specific era in games, and more something that’s just attempting to pass itself off as one. It hasn’t any novel ideas of its own, nor does an adequate job establishing its very simple set of mechanics. It’s a game without a direction that’s perhaps a solid first step for a developer cutting their teeth on game design, but nothing I’d want to actually play.

I can’t exactly describe how Rock Boshers plays, because it tries to do so many different things that it can play dramatically different depending on which level you choose. One moment you might be exploring a ship in a sidescrolling perspective, the next shooting zombies from a top down view or running in circles collecting keys to open the door to the next level. This variety doesn’t come as an interesting compiling of mechanics though, but as a directionless buffet of equally distasteful parts.

The only context to be found to Rock Boshers inconsistency is a narrative that seems to think itself far more interesting than it actually is. Exposition sprouts everywhere and none of it has anything compelling to say. There’s a familiar plot of worker exploitation and experimentation somewhere here but it’s so clichéd that you could likely guess the entire storyline on that premise alone. Most often the narrative seems to exist for the purpose of contextualizing every poor design decision, taking the game in so many different directions that it comes out with no identity of its own.

Nothing in Rock Boshers ever feels like it exists for a purpose. Most levels are designed to send you running into every corner, tediously winding through tunnels and trying not to die as the difficulty ramps up rapidly. If Rock Boshers is dull at the start, it’s agonizing once the training wheels come off and it throws everything it has at you with no regard to whether you can realistically defend yourself or not.

It feels like a long time since I’ve yelled at my monitor in such extreme anger and frustration as I did attempting to finish Rock Boshers, each death feeling cheaper than the last. Your means of interacting with the game are so simplistic that you’re often left with only a very narrow means of completing a given level, yet what those means are is often a challenge in itself to comprehend, made worse when each level seems to introduce yet another half formed idea which you then need to learn on top of everything else.

For as commonplace as retro inspired games are now, Rock Boshers is one that feels far more reliant on nostalgia alone to sell itself than most. In that regard I can’t fault it for being a game I could have feasibly played two decades ago, but times have changed and even if it might have held my attention back then, I couldn’t wait to leave its soulless existence behind today. Rock Boshers is a game made for another time and place, it’s just a shame it’s one I never want to return to.
Full disclosure: Rock Boshers DX was reviewed using a copy provided by the developer. You can read more of my writing on Kritiqal[].. Worth it just for the Speccy loading intro :D. Awesome game. Its very nice and the only cons it that I cant shoot using buttons.. Bit conflicted about this game. Sometimes it's just an annoying crowd control shooter game (with added difficulty as you run around 'laps' in certain levels that require that) and sometimes it's a clever blast from the past action game and a well designed one too.

Love the MSX-era look. The 16-bit graphics option that was added in the latest patch is very nice looking too.
Unlockable arcade games puts your old arcade skills to test. Loderunner anyone?

Check actual gameplay videos to get a better picture of what this game is and skip the stuff on the store page. Store page gives a false impression there are adventure elements in the game. In reality they are non-existent.. Awesome game. Its very nice and the only cons it that I cant shoot using buttons.

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