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After meeting Dracula, Buffy commits with Giles to be her watcher and help her to find the origin of her powers. Joyce Summers asks Buffy to look after her sister Dawn, who feels shadowed being the little sister of a famous slayer and an outsider of her group. They go with Giles, Tara and Willow to Mr. Bogarty's Magic Box store and Willow stumbles in his dead body. They realize that a gang of vampires have killed the man. Sooner they find that Harmony has formed a group of vampire minions with the intention of destroying Buffy. When Dawn invites Harmony to get in her house, the upset Buffy decides to chase Harmony and her vampires.
As Harmony and her vampire gang plot Buffy's demise, Dawn adjusts to life with a Slayer.
Does any one here remember (or have children between the ages of 12 and 17, for some age could be closer to 20), those yrs that are so wrapped in emotions and such. I remember being around some older than me (was 12 they were 16/17, mind u I looked older an "grew up" without a choice and had to learn how to giggle), but 2 of them acted younger than the rest. We all mature diff from 1 another and some at 14/15 can really be "younger" than some 10yr old.

So Dawn appears out of nowhere and everyone on the show acts like shes always been there so the rest of us r "lost" for a couple episode. With some fans just not liking Dawn cause she acts like a "baby" or whatever (umm family dynamics, some do treat the youngest diff by well coddling them and spoiling them). In a strange way the jealousy between Buffy an Dawn fits, Buffy wishing she could be coddled like Dawn, Dawn wanting to be like Buffy, an their mom treating them diff, Dawn does need looking after because their mom knows all the dangers Buffy faces and Dawn has no power to protect herself so can u blame her?? (mom and of course Buffy for being protective and Dawn for being well the youngest).

Dawn does grow up bit by bit as the season goes on, and well with KS wanting to leave, its nice to know that Buffy will have her sister to lean on (diff from her/their fam of scoobies) and to see Buffy and Dawn in each others arms...well watch and be touched (hits home with me lost my mom and my sis an I...) Well this was my take and diff view of Dawn At least we got four very special seasons of wonderful writing but the minute a mysterious unknown "pretend" sister appeared in Buffy's life it brought back memories of long gone TV shows that added kids characters in a last ditch effort to save their dying show (i.e. Cousin Oliver in the Brady Bunch, Andrew in Family Ties and Sam of Diff'rent Strokes) Of course this device has been used since the days of "I Love Lucy", none-the-less it changed the dynamics of Buffy, which had always been near perfect even with the frequent cast changes.

Furthermore, as an old sci-fi geek, I recognized the borrowing of the 1977 Doctor Who's story arc, The Key to Time. In that famous season where it is revealed in the final chapter that Princess Astra is a human key (to keep the bad guys in check) Buffy should not have had a kid sister real or pretend. The character of Dawn does nothing but slow our heroine down. Plain and simple. To be "saddled" with yet another innocent she must protect while doing her job just added a strange vibe in the proceedings.

After reading up on season five and learning that DAWN is in the show until it ended broke my heart. And so, as it was was when "Prue" from the TV Show Charmed died at the end of season 3, I decided to pack up and stop watching.

Next stop Supernatural, which my niece has been telling me I have to watch.

Bye Buffy -- Fangs for the memories.

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