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ProtoDungeon Crack By Irfan Doggar

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About This Game

You are... somewhere. You fell here. And you remember hearing voices talking about the "anchor" and the "chapel" as you fell, but you don't see anyone in the strange, ruinous castle before you.

All you know is there's an old scroll inside detailing a particular spell, and that spell allows you to switch places with various objects. Maybe you can even use it to find your way into the chapel...

ProtoDungeon is a series of bite-sized, action/adventures set in the world of The Waking Cloak. Each unique dungeon explores a single item mechanic, and the game will be updated with more dungeons as time goes by!

In Episode I:

  • Use the swap spell to switch places with jars, blocks, and more!
  • Solve puzzles to unlock rooms and secret passageways!
  • Navigate the ruined castle to make your way to the mysterious chapel and escape!

Title: ProtoDungeon
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Studio Spacefarer
Studio Spacefarer
The Waking Cloak
Release Date: 6 Apr, 2019


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