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About This Game

This game will bring you to the real FARM !
Armed with seeds and watering pots you'll become invincible in the world of farmers.
Amiable dealer will always find an appropriate task for you and won't leave you without money.

Plant apples, plant potatoes, PLANT EVERYTHING YOU CAN FIND!!

Let animals live on your farm ! The more the merrier!

Buy some assistants from the dealer, if farmer's life doesn't go easy. If it does, buy 'em anyways - they are so cute, aren't they ?:3

You have such a big amount of cultures that you have no place to plant them to plant ? No problem ! Expand your space whenever you want. Of course, if you have enough money...

Enjoy the funny farmer's life

Title: Plant This
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Matthew.P, Sacred Walrus
Matthew.P, Sacred Walrus
Release Date: 1 Dec, 2017


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Good game like Plantera but achievements are broken...
It's still cute game so I'll give it thumbs up anyway.. SAVE YOUR $1.99, this game is NOT worth your time or $.
This is the kind of game that looks like it was a "Let me make a game in 4 hours and put it on Steam for a few bucks" type of deal.

+ Very simple gameplay
+ Cute simple graphics
+ "Relaxing" [See below]

- Completely lacking in features.
- Frustrating UI that doesn't do what you'd expect it to.
- It's very possible to block yourself (moneywise) making you need to do a reset, which can be hard to find in the menu.
- Auto-Unselect isn't a thing, meaning you can equip both tools sometimes which can cause you to delete crops.
- A lot of glitches that can impair gameplay heavily (note the above 2)
- Lackluster Music
- According to the community the achievements don't work.
- Many of the few features in the game require you going back through the awkward menus to regrow them just for them to disappear in seconds again.
- No real instruction (though the simplicity makes this unimportant)
- Simpler than a mobile game (in a bad way though)
- Completely lacking in real gameplay that pulls in or can relax you
- Way too grindey for it's genre.
- The "Bad Kind" of repetitive.
- Remember when I said "Relaxing"? I meant aggravating.
- Seems like it was thrown together in a few hours and used to cash out the few people that would buy it.
- No, seriously, I genuinely think it was made in under 10 hours as a cash out.

I put in the time to try to enjoy it but it just couldn't be done, sorry dev.

It would literally take like at the very most 5 hours for a skilled game dev to make this exact thing.

Would not recommend, however since the game is so simple the game could be made ever-so-slightly more enjoyable if the dev would just spend a few hours sitting in front of his computer and thinking more about 'better user experience' and adding whatever comes to his mind. Really. It's not that good but I guess for 1.99 it could be worse. Glad it was free for me.

So clearly it deserves game of the year 2018. 9\/11 would buy. Lootboxes was best part.. Could definitely use a ton of work. Needs a tutorial for sure. Not the worst farming game I have played but it is VERY far from the best. The animals need to be contained in a fence so you can see them better. Maybe make it able to zoom out so you can see all of your farm at the same time. The "Helper" you can buy is basically useless unless you are just planning on him being for animals.. - Expanding your land can sometimes mess up the terrain, resulting in your assistans becoming unable to access parts of the farm.

- The achievements for spending coin seems to be glitchy, haven't been able to obtain them.

+ It's a great game for killing time.

+ Real cute graphics.

The game has been out for less than 1 month. Hoping the glitchy stuff will be fixed in time, especially the achievements.. This game is only one thing bad.
it hase no tutorial
the sounds are way to loud and you cant put them off
its really really repetetive and boring. It is buggy and some achievements are broken. Also it is missing some functions and what the hell does the camera button mean!?. A bit awkward, but a great concept, I just really hope this game isn't finished.. DO NOT BUY!

I wanted to recommend this game but it appears to have been abandoned by the developer. The game still contains 3 broken achievements related to spending coins.

There are also no item descriptions or tutorial. Otherwise, the game would be a decent casual experience.. To put it simply this game is frustrating to play, which is the exact opposite you want from a game like this.

Everything you have to do seems almost designed to be as much of a pain as possible.
First off, everything is so slow! not like in a laid back or relaxed way. To grow plants you have to hold a watercan over them, and while you gain water at about 1 per second, and it seems to drain slightly faster, so most plants require something like 70 - 80 water (Idk I didn't count exactly and with the gain it'd be hard to work out anyway) and you basically have to hold the can down over each plant for about a minute for it to grow, and you have to do that for every plant, and when you run out you just have to wait a while longer.
In the far superior game, Plantera, fruit falls off of trees after a little bit so you or your workers can pick them up. In this game every plant must be clicked for a while to knock the fruits off. You can buy a woodsman who will very slowly knock the fruit down, but the price on them rises pretty fast the more you buy. Further to that another problem about the game is how grindy it is overall. Every fruit, animal part and such you pick up gives you 1 gold, so even as plants become more expensive the fruit they yield is worth the same. And if you want any kind of idle income there are two workers you have to buy, the woodsmen to knock the fruit down and some kind of living sack to actually pick up the fruit. both kinds of workers are very slow and lock on at random seemingly to any fruit anywhere, so they will walk all the way across the field slowly to pick up 1 gold for you and then walk all the way back, passing piles of fruit both ways. The other main way to get gold is contracts, and while they do seem to pay fairly well they don't acually tell you how much anywhere. they are also as annoying as everything else. for example a pretty early contract needed 34 strawberries. Ok, I thought, planting some bushes and watering them up, slowly. but no, strawberries and most other later plants are one use, so you buy them, water them up for a minute or so, click them to get the fruit as the woodsmen seem to ignore them. And then you have to do it again! at least the trees and stuff stay after you spend all that time growing them. Each strawberry bush yields 3 berries. so thats about 12 bushes, hold the can over them for a minute each, not doing anything else. Not very fun.
The pigs and cows are also so big they block out most smaller plants meaning as you sit there watering sometimes you can't even see how long is left.
Another problem is the lack of information or description for items. I built a well pretty early on for about 50 gold in the hope it would fill my watercan faster. I still have no idea what it even does. I tried clicking on it, holding the can over it, watching to see if it did anything. Is there some kind of drought mechanic it prevents? Is it simply decorative? Who knows! not me. Maybe the golden watering can gives more water? I wouldn't know, it costs 750 gold and as previously stated that will take a long time to get, assuming anyone could be bothered. There is no moeny gain while the game is closed so it would take a very long time. Too long for what is just a cosmetic upgrade for all I know.
Also UFO's come over occasionally and there is a scarecrow you can buy that will scare them off, but I guess they only protect a certain area with no Indication, since a couple of my pigs have been abducted on the edge of the map. As far as I know they are gone forever.
For a game this basic and lacking in content it's also kinda buggy. for a while it kept minimising the tab for no reason, other times trees have gotten stuck with fruit on them, and woodsmen will try to knock it down forever. The game is quick to close and reopen but it's pretty hard to want to bother. A bunch of the achievements are broken as well, if you care about that sort of thing.

The only good I can say is the game looks ok, not great but I've seen pixel art done worse, and the game sounds are pleasant enough after you mute the awful banjo music or whatever that was.

So yeah, just play Plantera, leave this game alone. Even on sale this game is not worth it since it's basically the opposite of fun in every way and mechanic. I know this is way longer a review than the game deserves but I bought it despite a few negative reviews so hopefully people can be infromed about how bad it really is.. Bugged achievements.

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