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About This Game

OWYS was created to entertain and to make it a real challenge for players, mix of skill and dexterity. There are objects that need to be taking in order to unblock new game modes, also will be very important to get all the lives that you can during the game. You will need them!

When you think you have seen everything, you will find something unexpected along the 5 worlds, but it’s best to discover it for yourself.


Definitely the most important part of Owys is his real-time editor. Which will allow players to create levels, upload them and play them. You can play the levels you've created yourself or that other players have created.


If you are playing single-player mode and you have a friend or family member who wants to play Owys with you, there is no problem. You only need to connect an extra gamepad and automatically appear another Owys in front of you ! You can add up 3 players in the same game.


Also you can play online with players from any supported platform. 7aa9394dea

Title: Owys
Genre: Indie
Gameware Studios
Gameware Studios
Release Date: 25 Aug, 2015


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Awful full of bugs sloppy game....
The gamepad is not working with this "full controller supported" game..... How about no. This game is occasionally fun for a few seconds at a time!

I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt, since I do love the lighting, the cute protagonist, and the okay music. I'd probably play with the real-time editor a bit more, but the unfair/awful level design, the bugginess, and... well, everything else, just kills this game (and not in a good way).. I really enjoy this game!! It's true that it's very dificult but... I love when I can pass to the next level. It's a great success for me xD The editor seem to be cool but I need more time to play :-(

Great work and keep improving!!!. gt;.br/>Royalty free music and sound effects all over the dang place. When you get a game over, it says "Game Over" 3 times which suggests that the dev. for got to just crop the audio down to one after getting it from somewhere, kinda lazy bro... A bad Super Meat Boy clone. Not worth checking out for $8, just wait and get Super Meat Boy during a Steam Sale for $0.90 (it typically goes on sale for that much).

Got this game as a part of an indie bundle.. Awful full of bugs sloppy game....
The gamepad is not working with this "full controller supported" game..... I plugged in my controller and it made my game multiplayer. How about no

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