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Over My Dead Body (For You) Crack 32 Bit

Over My Dead Body (For You) Crack 32 Bit

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About This Game

Over My Dead Body (For You) is a puzzle game. Simultaneously play as a Ghost and a Zombie! Solve puzzles by working together. Attack enemies, throw objects, possess the weak-minded, and more as you make your way through the evil Mortiga building.


  • Simultaneously control a Ghost and a Zombie to solve puzzles
  • 20 puzzle filled levels
  • Test your skills in 10 super hard challenge levels.
  • Gameplay mechanics include possessing, haunting, hurling, diving, dashing, and eating.
  • Controller support for: Keyboard, Mouse, GamePads (tested with Xbox 360 controllers)


In Over My Dead Body (For You), the brilliant scientist Noelle Brody, while working on an experiment for the evil corporation "Mortiga Consolidated", finds herself transformed into both a ghost and a zombie. Now Brody (suffering from an unfortunate case known as "Double Undeath") must use both her forms to progress through the Mortiga Complex in search for a cure... and perhaps some revenge! b4d347fde0

Title: Over My Dead Body (For You)
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 11 Sep, 2017


Great game, I love it, Ive been playing it by myself for the past hour, but you can also play with two. The cooperation in this game is great, and cool idea to have a ghost and a zombie working toghether. Id recommend for the developpers to add a little short clip at the start, to explain what the characters are aiming for. Awesome game, totally recommend it!. Good game at a decent price.. Great concept and full of charm. Love how new twists on the mechanics are constantly being introduced into the game. Looking forward to see it develops.. I played a demo at Hal-Con 2016, and I just remembered it today so I bought it. Good for you Developers!
.....\/ )
.....' \/
---' (_____
......... ((__)
..... _ ((___)
....... -'((__)
--.___((_). We had a lot of fun playing the game, interesting concept, neat puzzles. Wouldn't buy until more than 3 levels are available, once all the levels are up we would definitley reccomend for the full price!

Check out the gameplay for yourself if you want to know what the early access game is like!\/watch?v=6EBPC3uYoIY\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=6EBPC3uYoIY<\/a>. I had a lot of fun with the early access build. It has 3 sectors which steam says took 111 minutes, but I took a break or two. The graphics and atmosphere of the game have a charm that makes you want to keep playing. I look forward to more sectors! I recommend this game if you like challenging, rewarding puzzles. A short game with slightly confusing controls, but a fun experience nonetheless. Something I didn't think to mention in the video is that this would be the perfect game in which to include user-created levels, and I'm kinda surprised they haven't been yet. Maybe something to think about for a future update.

For a more in-depth review, check out my video here: https:\/\/\/S3nrj_TB078<\/a>

For more reviews, as well as Let's Plays, look for Gemini Does Game...

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