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Nightmares From The Deep 2: The Siren`s Call Activation Code

Nightmares From The Deep 2: The Siren`s Call Activation Code

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About This Game

Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren`s Call is the sequel to the smash hit Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart.This epic adventure features an exciting plot full of outstanding puzzles and unforeseeable twists and turns.
When Sarah Black, curator at the Caribbean Naval Museum, receives a package from a mysterious messenger, she is unwittingly drawn into an ancient conflict. Inside the package she finds an artifact, and instantly assailants descend on the museum to rob her. The artifact is stolen. Sarah lowers her head in disbelief as she realizes that again she is falling headfirst into a nightmare from the deep.

Next Sarah finds herself on the shores of Kingsmouth, a forgotten fishing town which holds an incredible secret. A would-be messenger reveals the sad truth: he and the rest of the town’s denizens are suffering from a curse that is gradually turning them into ghoulish, mutated ocean creatures… a curse that was cast by none other than the mayor, Murray, and the old sea-devil himself, Davy Jones.


  • Thrilling storyline with complex plot based on a dark mystery
  • Unusual depth of character for the Hidden Object genre
  • AAA-quality cinematics
  • A plethora of majestic locations
  • Varied gameplay: interactive hidden-object scenes, mahjong, and many others
  • Three different types of collectible objects
  • The sequel to the smash hit Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart, building on the first game’s story
  • Bonus gameplay: an additional adventure, telling the story of the praetorians who seek redemption after decades of serving Major Murray
  • Additional materials: concept art, wallpapers and a stunning soundtrack
  • Replayable minigames and HO scenes

Title: Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren`s Call
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Artifex Mundi
Artifex Mundi
Release Date: 24 Jul, 2013


  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 128 MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

English,French,German,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Russian,Simplified Chinese

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Really beautiful HOG! I think this might be my favorite so far from all the Artifex games I\u2019ve played yet. I bought it on a sale but to be honest, I think this one is worth paying the full price as well.

9\/10.. Very fun game if you like this Genre, lots of unique puzzles that make you think while not being overly difficult. Has a pretty descent story and beautiful graphics, very vibrant and pretty colors.. Here, we have the second instalment of Nightmares from the Deep series<\/i>: The Siren's Call<\/i>. Artifex Mundi keeps upping the game and brings another succeeding HOG in. Compared to the first game, The Siren's Call<\/i> carries a faster pace in story with just as good puzzles and HOG scenes. In this game, we'll have less undead, more... fishmen?

The museum curator Sarah Black's adventures in the Caribbean continues. After her remarkable encounter with Captain Remington, Sarah is safely back and prepares for a new exhibition while trying to promote a "fiction" novel about her last encounter with Captain Remington. It is the middle of the night when a strange courier visits the museum to deliver a package. With the content of the package revealed, Sarah suddenly becomes a target again and a central figure in an old curse that slowly transforms the inhabitants of Kingsmouth to fishmen. You are to become a part of the resistance against a corrupt mayor, free a siren and challenge the curse of Davy Jones himself yet again.

Catchy, huh? Yeah, I know. Some might think that Nightmares from the Deep<\/i> series are basically a retelling of Pirates of the Caribbean<\/i> movies. Even I thought so when I finished the first game. This one, obviously gathers anecdotes from Dead Man's Chest<\/i> and On Stranger Tides<\/i>, but still manages to harbor the Caribbean lore into something curious and genuine. The bonus chapter at the end of the game even presents some foreshadowing about the last instalment, namely the origin of infamous Davy Jones himself. I really expect something a bit different than the movie version Davy Jones. Here's hoping!

I'll just skip praising the quality of artwork in Artifex Mundi games and define with two words: plain gorgeous. It is no big news that Artifex Mundi redefined the HOG genre, especially with the quality of artworks. This one is no different. Aside lovely background visuals with strong nautical themes, character animations are really good in this one compared to the first instalment. Characters have distinct facial remarks and body language. Cinematics seem to improve quite a bit too.

The gameplay? As a HOG, it is more than decent with presenting different type of HOG scenes, one or two FROG scenes and some puzzle dynamics even in HOG scenes themselves. Puzzles are mostly ordinary with lovely artworks this time. You'd go through the most challenging one within 3-4 minutes. If you are bored with HOG gameplay, you may give Mahjong alternative gameplay a try anytime you wish. To grab all achievements, you'll be needing at least two playthroughs though: one for HOG achievements, one for Mahjong achievements. The map is interactive with "available action" indicators so backtracking is not an issue. We are already familiar with collecting coins and poking a - this time fish-dwarf to tell us the background story. I'm getting used to these guys. Sure they are creepy as \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665, but hey! They are company.

Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call<\/i> is a good addition to the series, building up the concept further and establishing a bridge between the first and the last game, and a neat HOG by itself. Pick it during a sale and enjoy!

Please also check out Lady Storyteller's Curator page here<\/a> - follow for regular updates on reviews for other games!. So my main gripe with this game is the voice acting\/sound editing. It's not the best-written, even for a point-and-click, and could probably do with just a little bit of Thesaurus. Mostly the narrator (oh no!) and the siren herself are voiced \/terribly\/. You hear the narrator most, over and over again. The siren is definitely someone's niece or daughter, because not only can she not act (why does she always sound like a high schooler pretending they're plotting something?), she sounds like she has a stuffy nose. Luckily you can skip through the dialogue pretty easily, but for the narrator you'd have to skip entire scenes of exposition. He also breaks off at random mid-sentence because of the shoddy sound editing.

Other than that, pretty standard. Fewer puzzles than the usual, maybe, and the items are very simple. The usual amount of cheesiness, but the graphics are pretty nice, the painted cinematics especially.. Really beautiful HOG! I think this might be my favorite so far from all the Artifex games I\u2019ve played yet. I bought it on a sale but to be honest, I think this one is worth paying the full price as well.

9\/10.. This was a tough call. I enjoy the game to a certain extent. However, the cons for me were:

1. Four achievements are dependent on playing all the hidden object scenes as mahjong instead. I don't buy hidden object games to play mahjong instead. If it had been match 3, I might have ignored this but I absolutely hate mahjong and these are LONG mahjongs. So, if you want these achievements, you will need to play the game at least twice and if you accidentally play a hidden object instead of mahjong, it will be more than twice! After wasting 2-1\/2 hours playing through the second time trying to get these achievements, I gave up and decided it was not worth my time.

2. There are way too many cuts scenes. Even though they can be skipped, I hate to do that when playing the game for the first time because I might miss something. My feeling is that if I wanted to see a movie, I would go to the theatre!

3. Voice acting was on the poor side. In most cases, emotions were either incorrect or missing from the spoken dialog which made it sound cheesy.

4. The "strategy guide" is intergrated into the game... mostly. However, there is no indication that I could find for the collectibles in the game. So if you want the achievements for that, you will have to look elsewhere for help in finding the 19 octupi, 18 parrots and 7 seahorses.

5. Artifex Mundi games on Steam do not keep game progress from prev...

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