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Title: Need to Know
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Monomyth Games
Monomyth Games
Release Date: 28 Aug, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:


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I really enjoyed this game. I played it over a week or so, and couldn't wait to get home every day so I could play it. I ended up feeling attached to my character and her friends, which is not something you would expect during the first few hours of playthrough. Maybe it was just from being exposed to them for so long, but I liked feeling like I was actually this agent. I have to admit that the story component wasn't amazing, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process of selecting information on the suspects. I would have liked for my character to do more activities outside of work, and to actually be able to interact with Fyre dates through more than one conversation. I wouldn't play it more than once, as you have the opportunity to explore several endings within one game. But I was very happy with the game overall and would highly recommend it for fans of Orwell.. Bugged uncomfortable garbage. Steam ate the review I wrote, so: Game good. Game REAL good. - Pretty colors! - Attention to detail: BIG. Bring fine toothed comb! - Writing Very Good, make me cry at least once. - Take all time you want invading privacy! No timer! - Have touchscreen laptop, tap thumb to fingerprint scan when starting work. Feel VERY cool. - Gameplay consistant, but not boring. - Tutorial vanish after first couple powers. Figure things out on own. :( - Entire game chasing after details.. I like these kind of games, but this one is too barebone. Not enough flesh on it, almost streamlined. Example: one mission a friend needs to know if someone is cheating, you dont do anything other than check the persons profile(clicking it).. A surprisingly fun gem of a title that. if it wants to or not, teaches the players that the world is complex. Unlike Papers Please, where if you make a mistake, you can see plain as day what you did wrong and how you can improve, Need to Know is as grey as it's central themes. There are going to be choices you have to make with incomplete information. You might flag evidence that game rejects, or ignore evidence the game was expecting you to flag- and you might do so fully believing your choice was right. There is an margin of subjectivity in this game that is wonderfully refreshing. You're not going to have all the information and you have to make choices. For many players this might be frustrating, fully believing you made a choice and the game just disagreed with you. But that's life. Rarely does that wrong choice fully lead to a game over and the plot itself is good enough to keep me invested. My biggest surprises is that this title isn't more well known. It's a solid game.. I was looking forward to this game for a long time but I have to say it's not really what I expected. I assumed the game would be more about making your own judgement based on what data you find on someone but it's more in line with "papers, please" where they tell you a set of "rules" and you just have to tag keywords. It kinda takes the fun out of digging into suspects when you're just skimming for preset keywords like a puzzle. I played a bit more into the game and it's just more of the same. Shame.

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