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My Sweet Waifu Activation Key Generator

My Sweet Waifu Activation Key Generator

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About This Game

My Sweet Waifu is a Chatbot Virtual Waifu game. Mizuki Yuuna as the main character is ready to talk with you, you can ask her anything, you can teach her everything, and make her as your virtual waifu.

This is a game that combines Chatbot, Virtual Dating, and simple visual novel elements.

If you want to get a more deep relationship, just try to make Her happy.

How the way you treat her is will drive you to deep relationship and unexpected ending.


- Dynamic chatbot
- Create reminder for yours schedule
- Music will changes depends on Her emotion 7ad7b8b382

Title: My Sweet Waifu
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Miracle Gates Entertainment
Release Date: 7 Mar, 2018


This appears to be a very bad project for a college student. It's not a very good attempt at artificial intelligence. The only redeeming qualities for this game thus far is the artwork, the girl is well drawn, and the voice. There's no real decent feedback to make the game worth playing. This is worse than some really bad mobile games.

The English is horrid, the AI is poor (is it really even AI?), it's constantly asking YOU what the correct response should be. That alone I can see problems, as there's so much there a jerk can exploit, and that will spread to whoever else plays. The music is loud and droning. She just stands there, and all you do is toss food or gifts at her. You then have to think up stupid phrases hoping it triggers some event in the "AI".

It's a complete waste of time in this state. They have a lot of improvement to make for me to change this review.. i got this game out of curiosity and i never thought the A.I was that dumb, if you do want to get this game and witness this abomination unfold go ahead.. This has potential as a chat bot, but the developers appear to have now abandoned it. Weird feature additions, such as the removal of content and replacing it with micro-transactions (now removed), really makes me wonder what these guys were thinking. The store page screenshots still show MSW having a Game Room, which was removed during the in-app debacle and never restored. The player could originally go to the beach and park with Mizuki as well (shown in gifs further down the store page), but these too are gone. Miracle Gates had posted a news update two months ago stating development was "paused" and they were turning the engine used in this into a full chat bot maker program elsewhere, but that has since been who knows what's really happening.

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