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Mirror Angel's Paradise Torrent Download [cheat]

Mirror Angel's Paradise Torrent Download [cheat]

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About This Game

A tower woven of memory holds the book of doubts.
It invalidates the structure from within.
My angel went before me. She saw outer paradise and returned to me.
Now I must find the book that grins.

Explore the remains of the tower Babil and encounter the terrible images left behind by those driven into madness. Rescue the artisan relics that reflect the old world and give you power as you explore the new. Arm yourself with weapons, items and the experiences from the past to overcome the evil within. Are you brave enough to follow your Angel to the top of the tower?

Key Features

  • Tons of semi-random floors to explore. Layouts can be learnt but item and exit locations will change.
  • A huge cast of enemies organised into varying encounter groups.
  • A collection of different weapons and a bunch of items to find and utilise.
  • Tons of Relics to discover. Each granting bonuses for future attempts.
  • Level up with Offering experience after each attempt.
  • Unlock extra challenging modes once you complete your first run.

Title: Mirror Angel's Paradise
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 11 Sep, 2018


good game lel xd ppe btw. Mirror Angels Paradise is a very fun game that I can see myself sinking some time into. Pretty difficult but not impossible. Runs well and looks nice. Has a strong arcade field to it. My ONLY complaint is binding keys doesnt work, but that can probably be fixed.

Also I got slice, realm, and chaos all on the first 6 floors and felt like a god damn baller.

8\/10. good game lel xd ppe btw. Having a lot of fun with this one so far.

Highly recommended to fans of bullet hells and roguelikes\/roguelites. If you enjoyed Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gundgeon, Realm of the Mad God (I see you u henez), etc, and want to support a small independant dev on his journey, you should give this a shot.

About the game:

It's a roguelite bullet hell game. Not dissimilar to Enter the Gundgeon, but with RPG elements.
The game has you working your way up the many floors of a tower, navigating your way up the semi-randomly generated dungeon. Enemies spawn at an increasing rate as you make your way through the tower, and making contact with one of the enemies will trigger a battle.

These battles will have you fighting against waves of enemies who fire at you wildly, with different shot pattens and ground hazards. You'll find they feel a lot like entering a new room in Gundgeon. You aim with the mouse, fire with left click, move with WASD and do a dash with right click. Unlike in Gundgeon, the roll does not give you any invulnerability - neithern does taking damage. This can be very punishing, if you get hit by the ground hazards which knock you back slightly you can find yourself taking massive damage almost instantly. Each few floors features a strong enemy encounter at the end, using the enemies from the last couple floors.

As for other RPG elements, you collect EXP and money as you complete these battles. Leveling up improves your stats and you can collect items to power you up throughout your run which you find in chests, or buy them with money at a shop.

You also progressively improve your chances at your later runs as you collect "relic items" as rare chest drops. They give you some passive effect or stat boost for all of your future runs. Each life earns you EXP for your overall character level, and leveling this up gives you a different persistent stat boost at each level. Every dozen or so floors you will encounter a major boss. Defeating these bosses will act as checkpoints, allowing you the option to begin your run from the floor after them. You will need the persistent stat boosts and passives you unlock along the way if you want to take advantage of these checkpoints (you will), as you will be behind in items and levels compared starting at an earlier floor.

(Henez this last part is especially for you)
All that said, it isn't perfect. I am mostly a fan of the graphics and sprite design here, but there are some issues. The levels and bullets and player sprites are good, but the rest is inconsistent. Now I understand that the focus here is the gameplay and not visual design. I understand that isn't the dev's profession or strong point. Still, some of the enemies are really lazily designed. Like downright ugly. Like you just drew a random shape and added the color scheme of the other enemies. It's especially noticable because some of the enemies look so polished and then you will just get this blob with a fang and no shading and it looks really out of place.
My only MAJOR complaint is again on the visual side - its about your character. The player sprite is just too hard to see. Even with the flashing backgrounds in battle the player is way too low contrast. In harder stages I am forced to totally focus on the player to dodge bullets, meaning I can't look at where I am aiming. I have to stare right at the character as I try to aim these often spraying weapons, which causes me to lose track of my cursor, and makes it impossible to aim.
This would be fixed by two things, firstly make the player sprite higher contrast against the background or otherwise easier to see, especially without focusing on it. Second, give us a custom cursor. Something like the old ROTMG cursor. You know what I mean.. I like it. My only complaint so far is that the enemies can still sho

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