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Original Title: Miami Vice

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Detective James "Sonny" Crockett and detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, of the Miami-Dade police department's organized crime bureau vice unit, work deep undercover as seedy criminals to infiltrate and bring down the various criminal enterprises of southern Florida.
Resplendent with authentic 1980's music, fashion and vibe, "Miami Vice" follows two undercover detectives and their extended team through the mean streets of Miami.
What a superb series Miami Vice was. I recently caught a few episodes on DVD and I don't think they look dated at all.

Don Johnson played Detective Sonny Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas played Ricardo Tubbs. They were vice cops working in Miami, which has a sleazy reputation in TV land. The two detectives must have been on a good salary to wear the clothes they did and driving around in a Ferrari. The two stars exuded charisma and machismo. Don't know what was the deal about Crockett and his phobia of socks though.

The show had a cool opening tune, plenty of car chases, a bit of detective work and plenty of shooting. Johnson and Michael Thomas seemed to have a huge amount of chemistry on the show.

The plots were relatively simple as Crockett and Tubbs went up against the usual sleaze found in TV land Miami. The show was consistently good throughout. I can still hear the thumping opening music in my head now.

Pure 80's entertainment. I don't care what the Don Johnson detractors think, this show is still distinct to this day! I'm glad it won Emmys without pretending to be Masterpiece Theater. This how had a distinct visual style and distinct lingo, which I still use today (esp. "Jou got it, meng!"). And the year is 2011! LOL Don Johnson plays Detective Sony Crockett, a troubled cop who one day meets up with Rico Tubbs, a New York police detective who comes to Miami to avenge the death of his brother. Thus, a legend was born, along with a working relationship and a friendship.

I got a bit fed up with so many people bitching that MV was no good in the 3rd season just because it got darker and more depressing. No, it wasn't QUITE the same, but that was the idea of MV. It's good to see IMDB users such as yarborough sticking up for Season 3, though I think his assessment of the series overall was pretty harsh. There were many episodes I really liked besides those he mentioned and those I've mentioned, granted his opinion is somewhat agreeabl whjen it comes to Season 2.

Critics whined that the music video format would be old hat, but who cares? It's still around, just online instead of on MTV or VH1 much anymore, for gosh sake!!! Miami Vice, despite its detractors, brings back memories of when I was in college too. It reminds us what a fun, memorable decade the '80s were. Thank God for DVD box sets. And as for the casting, it's like a who's who of guest stars, many of whom would take Hollywood by storm: Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, David Strathairn -- along with other famous entertainers such as Miles Davis and Phil Collins.

Kinda annoyed me when the 2006 movie came out. A friend of mine liked it because "It's not a Don Johnson thing. It had a storyline." This series had HALF A DECADE of story lines. I still can't forget "Evan" to this day, or "Return of Calderone!" Two of the best TV eps ever! Don't get me wrong: the movie isn't bad for what it is. I just got a bit tired of people hating on this show just because they didn't like Johnson. At least he was colorful. Long live Miami Vice, pal!
At the end of the episode Freefall we see Crockett and Tubbs resign from the police force, Tubbs planning to head back to New York to be a Private Investigator and Crockett saying that he's going to just keep heading south in Florida and see what happens (it's possible that he's actually rich, his dead wife presumably having left him her earnings from pop stardom). As Crockett drives Tubbs to the airport he asks him has he ever considered a career in southern law enforcement just as he does in the pilot. The series is at an end but there are then four more episodes after that because these are lost episodes not originally aired at the time because they were deemed too inappropriate for TV at the time because they had very strong theme's such as child molestation. (They were aired when NBC played repeats) His real name is James Crockett which was spoken only by Ricardo Tubbs in one episode. Nobody else on the detective squad ever called him by this name just Sonny. Though many times Lt. Castillo


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