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Melordandek is a puzzle game. Its main concept is to find a path to walk on every tiles inside a map, and to walk on them only a single 5d3b920ae0

Title: Melordandek
Genre: Indie, Early Access
Hanged Bunny Studio
Hanged Bunny Studio
Release Date: 22 Dec, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel i3
  • Memory:


Life hurts : You know what. During the past two decades it hasn't been too many times that I have been on a sick leave, or unable to work on the game due to medical condition, wounds or injuries. But now a week ago I fractured my shoulder when falling of the horse during horseback archery training. Doctors orders are to wear arm sling for the next two weeks. After that a new xray will reveal how the recovery goes. Luckily no operation was needed. I just have to rest and wait, and so do you. So, I'll enter on a sick leave now and report back after two weeks. I am mostly unable to answer to emails or at forums, but we'll try to handle the urgent cases somehow. Not to worry, I will survive. Game development and archery endeavours to be continued when the doc says so.. Version 3.32 released : No more felling trees with the fish or other deadly funny glitches have been found so we're happy and good to go live with version 3.32. There are no changes compared to few days ago released 3.32 beta-branch, but many additions, tweaks and bugfixes compared to the previous official live version 3.30(p1). The most notable features in this update concern the changes and additions regarding companion's item ownership and net fishing. Find the full changelog after a preview screenshot. 3.32 preview. Companion is about to leave tomorrow, stating that he needs to be paid. UnReal World version 3.32 changelog:. Into the Finnish Museum of Games we shall take you. : We recently went to Tampere City for a special occasion. To meet staff of the upcoming Finnish Museum of Games for talks and interviews about a certain game. Yeah, thats right, theres going to be Museum of Games opening in Finland in 2017, and UnReal World is one of the titles selected to the exhibition. The visit included also an interview to be archived for the future, for the future researchers - and generations. So I guess we are officially preserved now :) The Finnish Museum of Games tells the story of how digital gaming in Finland started, how it developed over the years and how it made it to where it is now. You better take a look at Suomen Pelimuseo / The Finnish Museum of Games website [] (brief english info also available) and go see the exhibition for yourself in 2017. Here's rare exhibit of me and Erkka (co-designer) in urban environment -- which is actually not that uncommon, but just rarely documented. The Finnish Museum of Games will open in the Vapriikki Museum Centre at Tampere in January 2017.. Sliding just fine - a new video greeting is up as DLC for UnReal World Steam players : For half a decade already we've had a habit of creating characteristic video greetings with varying themes to thank and delight UnReal World buyers and supporters. Six months ago we started bringing the video works on Steam as a free DLC for UnReal World Steam players. A fresh video greeting "Sliding just fine" is now up in the video greetings DLC package.. Trading Cards arrive in the Far North : Six Cards for the adventurers under the northern sky, Five Backgrounds for the settlers in their cabins of wood, Nine emoticons for the community bound to cheer and sigh, One badge, six levels, for the players struggling to survive for good in the ancient north where you are free to roam or to settle. Umm. you get the picture, right? So.. 2019, here we come, slowly but steadily. : The time has come for me to start reaching back into the development chambers after the sick leave. My fractured shoulder is still far from fully healed, but computer work seems doable, so here we come development year 2019. Slowly but steadily that is, as the priority remains in exercising the injured arm a lot to increase mobility - rather than to get it stiff from the office work. Oh boy, little did I know how slowly fractured shoulders heal. Somebody made a remark that this might be my hardcore first hand research on injuries and recovery. :) Well, yes, going through this actually got me thinking of going through game's recovery rules in case of fractured joints. I've been of the arm sling for five weeks now but it will still take months before I can shoot a bow again, and raising the injured arm above the shoulder level is a feat I have been doing reliably only for a week or two. And there's no way I can do it with carrying load of more than few pounds, so any hard work that requires both arms is out of the question. It also takes time to learn to move the arm 'normally' again, as the early pain didn't allow all the proper muscles to be used with some arm trajectories. It is easy to understand how easily deformed body postures are born. But here I am, dedicated to work on the arm and the game as much as possible during the 2019. I've gone through the swamp of e-mails lately and hopefully answered to everything urgent - but if you miss a reply, please do re-send your e-mail. Getting back on the track with the forums will take a bit longer, but soon enough you can expect replies to pop up here and there. Luckily my physiotherapist has also given me permission to ski, just guaranteed that I do not fall on the injured arm in any circumstances. 2019, here we come.

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