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Original Title: Masked Raiders

Genge: Action,Western










































Texas Rangers Tim Holt (Tim Holt) and Chito Rafferty (Richard Martin are sent to Wilcox, Texas to investigate the raids o...Frank Wilcox) by a band of masked raiders led by the Diablo Kid. Po...Marjorie Lord), her younger brother Artie (Gary Gray) and her Uncle Henry (Houseley Stevenson), father of Trig (Tom Tyler, Matt (Clayton Moore) and Luke (Jay Kirby) , who have taken Tim and Chito captive. Tim is wounded, ...Charles Arnt) as he is about to capture one of the raiders, actuall...Harry Woods).
Tim Holt and his Irish-Mexican sidekick are in top-notch form in this superior western from the late 1940's. Tim & Chito find themselves involved in a confrontation with masked raiders terrorizing the honest citizenry. With cool determination they soon learn that things are not what they seem to be .......

This film boasts a good script and plenty of action The casting is great, with a plum role for future Lone Ranger Clayton Moore. Richard Martin, as Chito, was one of the all-time best sidekicks ! Tim Holt was easily the best actor to star in B-westerns.

I highly recommend this one. Good acting and a good storyline, this one is a must see. In this film Texas Rangers Tim Holt and Richard Martin are sent to the corrupt town of Wilcox, Texas to stop a mysterious bandit known as The Diablo Kid and the Masked Raiders who aid and abet her in her crime spree.

Said crime spree seems to be directed at banker Frank Wilcox and sheriff Harry Woods. Just the casting of Harry Woods as the sheriff and you already know this sheriff is going to be corrupt. Woods runs the town with a heavy hand and has a no gun ordinance in town. Which seems kind of stupid when the Masked Raiders come into town shooting and rob the bank once again and no one can stop them. Of course there's a compensatory factor that Woods is a bully and likes using the law to push people around.

Tim and Chito in the end get to the bottom of it all and get quite ...
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