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Lovefield General: Back To Work Crack Download Offline Activation

Lovefield General: Back To Work Crack Download Offline Activation

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About This Game

Follow the daily struggle of Hitoshi, a young medical doctor, who returns to work after a serious accident only to find out that things are no longer the way they used to be.
Humor, drama and supernatural events ensue.
Oh, and there's also romance in the air...

Get to know your coworkers and solve the dark mystery of Lovefield General!


  • male protagonist
  • 5 female love interests
  • 6 different endings
  • 5+ hours of gameplay

Title: Lovefield General: Back to Work
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Pixel Purrfection
Pixel Purrfection
Release Date: 30 Nov, 2018


love field general back to work. love field general back to work download

Lovefield General is a VN that takes place in a hospital, where you are one of the doctors. After you were part of a Car Crash you finally come back to the Hospital just to be greeted by weird Phenomena and Supernational. You also get to choose between a few interesting Characters as your love Interests and I have to say that I really liked some of their Personalities.

The Art of this Game isnt the best imo, but that is only because of the Way they made it, because there arent any bad things about it. The Translation in this VN is also good and i only found very few Mistakes.

There really were quite a few interesting Parts about the Story and they kept me interested through out the Game so that i finished it in just one go, which took me around 4 hours. As a Result I really recommend this Game and the only thing that I didnt like that much was the Ending since it left me a little confused. Also this Game is actually very cheap if you consider the Amount of Content included.

Art: 7\/10
Story: 8.5\/10
Translation: 9.7\/10
Menu: 8.5\/10
Overall: 8.5\/10

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