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Lone Pirate VR Ativador

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About This Game

In Lone Pirate VR you play as a pirate and attack other ships to plunder the most gold you can before your ship sinks. Compete in the global leaderboard to be the best pirate in the world!

  • No artificial locomotion/Teleportation, only Room-Scale
  • Classic and Rogue Shark gamemodes
  • Online 6 player Free for All multiplayer
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • A pirate soundtrack

Title: Lone Pirate VR
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 26 May, 2017


lone pirate vr

A decent game for its price, i'm hoping more content will be added regularly, please do not let this become another game like the rake, i like how simple it is so its pretty fun to pick up and play. This is not the pirate VR experience you are looking for.
This experience puts you on a small boat with only 3 things to interact, 2 cannons and 1 steering wheel.
The awful thing is that there is no other possible way to switch between those locations on your boat other than Room-Scale movement only. If your playspace isn't big enough then well you are \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ed.

But you don't have to be sad if you cannot play this game, you don't miss much.

There are only a couple of islands around which you are not able to explore anyway because you cannot leave your ship. Better stay away from them really far, if you are clipping into them underneath the water your ship gets crazy and you feel you have to puke into the ocean instantly - no joke - you will get motion sick within seconds if this happen to you....

Besides that you are moving your ship into position for firing onto other ships. No fun either.
Your ship stops moving as soon as you let your grip go from the steering wheel, walk 2 steps forward, try to aim and shoot the other ship, find out that you cannot hit it with this narrow 20\u00b0 aiming angle, go back 2 steps, grab the steering wheel again and fine position your ship once more, go again 2 steps forward, try to fire the cannon onto that ship......and if you got it right after a couple of times, destroy it after 3 hits.
Then you go back to your steering wheel navigate your ship onto their loot and pick it up automatically by driving over it.
This you will repeat forever until you exit the game yourself.

Thats all you get for your money. Long story short - Not worth the money ;-O
If you don't believe me, look at the playtime of all the other reviewers. I realize it when games want a particular "play space" to make sure that your experience is best. Through most of them still have some sort of movement. Being stuck in the same spot without any ability to Virtualy move is kinda anoying. just add any movement options so i can enjoy the game you built.

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