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Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition DLC Reset Key

Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition DLC Reset Key

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About This Content

With 100+ minutes of new epilogues & short films, the Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition DLC is another film's worth of stories, crafted by the directors of the original award-winning feature documentary. Find out about what happened after to the developers of Super Meat Boy & FEZ, and about other games and game creators.

- 100+ minutes of new short films in 1080p
- Epilogues: What happened after?
- Stories about more game creators
- Deleted Scenes
- New Team Meat Commentary

(Note: The IGTM DLC contains English Subtitles only. The original feature film continues to have subtitles in 24 different languages available) 7aa9394dea

Title: Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition DLC
Genre: Casual, Indie
Blinkworks Media
BlinkWorks Media
Release Date: 24 Jul, 2013


indie game the movie special edition dlc

You know you got too much grease when you buy dat movie DLC.. While I can see why the parts of the special edition were left out of the main film, they are still enjoyable to watch for those interested.. There's a game plus additional content in the movie DLC if you got some extra coin to squander!. It's alright, but only if you liked the original movie.
The fragments presented here aren't the movie originally made, they are just that additional juice on top of the cake if the fate of the developers interests you.

It is a comfortable post scriptum for a touching story for my sentimental nature.. WHILE I HAVE MARKED THIS AS RECOMMENDED, I WOULD SAY THAT ONLY DIE-HARD FANS WOULD REALLY ENJOY IT

While the Special Edition extras are quite enjoyable, they are just that- extras. That of course makes the segments feel a bit disjointed as opposed to the cohesiveness of the full film. It's not a bad thing, it just means that I would only recommend the extras to those who felt really invested in the people behind the games, or are really interested in learning more about indie game development in general.

It can be summed up as buying a 2-disc DVD special edition as opposed to a 1-disc- if you really enjoy watching those extras on the second disc, go for it.. Movie DLC, that's a thing

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