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About This Game

Happy words is a word based real time online multiplayer board game for 1 to 4 players in which you have to create new words based on existing ones.
The object of Happy-Words is to score more points than your opponents.
A player collects points by placing words on the game board. Each letter has a different point value, so the strategy becomes to play words with high scoring letter combinations.

The game supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Bulgarian languages.
Your can play Happy Words in 3 modes:
  • 1) Online with your friends or via random opponents from internet
  • 2) Solo versus intelligent robots
  • 3) Local on the same device with your friends and family

The game is highly customizable. You can play with different settings like "time to think", one or two bags of letters, with or without use of helping dictionary and many others.
You can also customize your board color and tile color styles.

Good luck. a09c17d780

Title: Happy Words
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Release Date: 16 May, 2019


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I love playing this with my boyfriend in bed.
The dictionary can be improved, but it is good enough I think. If you like Scrabble, then this is the best PC version I have found. Play online with friends or use the lobby to find or create a room. Text Chat is available. Customize the color of the tiles and the game board. Leaderboards for online play.

The game is best when playing online against real people.

Happy Words is a bargain at this price.. Awesome scrabble clone. The game is great. I especially like the design and the free option to choose different colored boards and letters.
It will be cool to add different board setups, like heart aligned bonus fields and other shapes too. Edit: they were very fast to fix the issue that i had with online access tab not working, now it is now available and it works perfectly, also it does have an easy way to connect to your steam friends list. glad that the devs are actively trying to make the game better for its consumers instead of being one of those early access cash grab games. hopefully this game gets alot more players in the near future.

game opens in a window and has no settings menu for volume or screen settings. the game is fun and it seems to work well enough to play with bots only. just the game doesn't seem to allow me to play online yet. untill that is available i will not be able to recommend this game to anyone. this is barely a proof of concept. when the game advertises that there is online gameplay there should be even a rudimentary online game play like connect to your friends via steam or something. as of right now this game cost money when its missing most of the game, when there's a free online version that is browser based already. hopefully this is fixed very soon because i would like to be able to change my response from a "would not recommend" game to a "i will be recommending it to everyone i know who has a steam account" kind of game. also it would be nice to have some form of notification on the online tab saying it will be added soon rather than just having a non active tab on the main menu.

Second Update:
We just released an update in which we fixed multiple bugs and added option to play solo games without a timer:

Cheers. First Update :
Hello everyone,

We just released the first Happy Words update.
Here is the list of improvements:

  • French accent improvements. All accent letters are removed
  • Robot too much thinking is fixed for some languages
  • Joker letter replacement bug fix
  • Performance optimizations

Thank you for your support.
We are going to continue improving the game. Let us know if you find any bugs

Cheers. Update Three: More bugs are fixed:
In Today's update we have fixed the following bugs:
  • Letter is stuck while dragging it and your turn ends. This is now fixed.
  • Sometimes game is not ending when player plays all of his tiles and the tiles bag is empty. We have fixed that as well.
  • Fixed crash when joker letter is swapped.
  • Fixed non working "SKIP TURN ON SWAP" option in multiplayer games


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