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Hamilton's Great Adventure Xforce

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Title: Hamilton's Great Adventure
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 31 May, 2011


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This game would have been great if the people developing it would have keep rule number one of video game development in mind "Games are made to have fun". Sadly they forgot to apply it The graphics are nice but they look pixelated (not sure if it looks better on Alienware technology but they do state that it works best with that in the intro screen. every time you open the game) and you have some visual elements that seems like they could be interacted with, like flowers for example, but are just there for looks. Sometimes the graphical elements of the game prevents you from seeing the path and force you to rotate the camera but the camera rotation is limited and only let you see sideways partially. The controls are a complete disaster. They could have made you switch controls from your character to the bird giving you full access to Sasha (the bird) thus allowing you to see the whole map from above or to simply toy around like a bird. but instead you just click where you want the bird to go mostly to collect pink fruits that act as bonus for your final score on each level and activate levers and stuff. Hamilton has simple 4 directional controls that allow you to slowly move one tile at the time. thus limiting you in your exploration and adding frustration to the whole experience because you can't fix a mistake in this game. You moved on that breaking platform by accident because you didn't release the left directional button in time. deal with it, restart the whole level! The music is nice but bland and repetitive. There is no voice acting and the story is told by sliding images that are about as entertaining as reading a very simplistic children's book (Note: Some children's book are fun to read as opposed to their storytelling) It seems like the game was rushed and that the developers wanted to deliver more than what they could and that is why this game gets the "could have been"stamp of disapproval. 3/10 (NB: The whole game could easily be fixed and transformed into something that deserve a 7 or even 8 on 10 and I wish Fatshark would revisit this game since it could become a nice videogame franchise.). Game seems to be completely unable to start due to requiring the installation of out-of-date PhysX and other drivers. After dropping PhysX.dll into the game's main directory, I'm able to get the game window to not instantly close (and therefore able to get enough time to write a review, but the game is stuck with a "Fatal Error!" message: NxCreatePhysicsSDK() failed! Make sure you have the correct PhysX version installed." So, I'm just going to let this sit, get my Steam cards, and never worry about this game again.. older game with crashing issues.. the story of markivius hamilton's rise to fame as popular marvel hero "the laughing man". Such a great puzzle game. It has polished written all over it, except for one tiny thing; the bird controls. You use the mouse to guide your bird towards treasures and fruit, as well as triggers. But since you view the game from a fixed perspective (not entirely true as you can rotate and zoom) it's hard to judge if the bird is going to the right place, resulting in clicking the same place more than once, which is a shame, because that really shouldn't be necessary. Other than that, the puzzles are mostly fun to do (prepare to get frustrated), the graphics are cute and the sounds get the job done. Hamilton's Great Adventure is great value for your money.. This game is Nvidia only. Not only does it fail to mention this on the page but in fact does the opposite; "Shader 4.0 compatible card (minimum: Nvidia GeForce 8xxx, AMD Radeon 2xxx)" I have a Radeon 270, this game requires Physx and therefore you can't play it on an AMD card. False advertising, very poor show indeed.. Due to the gaming market being so competitive these days I would not recommend this game due to its crashing and substantial flaws. It's a shame as it had so much potential. At first I fell in love with this game. Its charming aesthetic knew no bounds. Its fantastic graphics, sound (though I could have done with a few more music tracks) and humour was an absolute delight. Once I played more that veneer started to fade. In the 3hrs I put into this game it has crashed to desktop 13 times before I eventually quit. This is my biggest issue with the game. Some people have it even worse, being unable to launch the game. Perhaps I need an Alienware PC like the splash screen states /s . Each level is basically a maze, planning out the order of steps you make. It is quite trial and error. This game is all about getting the loot. If you just want to finish the level, it won't take you long at all but you also won't get much enjoyment. The game is tiled based. It is quite fluid and smooth moving between the tiles; so much so you sometimes hold an arrow key down for too long, miss-step, and have to restart the whole level. Infact, miss-stepping once often means failure of being able to collect all loot and restarting the whole level. A dedicated restart button would have been nice, but doing it through the menu is quite fast. I think this game would benefit GREATLY from a "last-step undo" button. Nothing too serious, just something to let you go backwards 1 move, to remove most annoying restarts, especially on large levels. The balloon enemies that harass your bird are purely an annoyance and don't stop you finishing the level. I wish the enemy was removed as it does nothing to difficulty, just annoys you. The bird often gets stuck on parts of the level. What started off as a charming gameplay aspect got annoying and I started only using the bird when necessary. I completed half the game in about 3hrs before I quit so I can't imagine it is too long. It would have been a good bite sized experience. The world Fatshark had created had the appearance of being quite polished, a good basis for a stellar game. Unfortunately the lack of developer updates to fix crashes and what appears to be game design oversights ruins the game. As much as I wanted to contiune for the world. I could not play any further.. I'm not sure whether to call this a puzzle game or not. All you have to do is to get to the goal, hitting switches, dodging environmental hazards and the occasional "enemy". Once you found the correct path to take, you can finish a level without much trouble. Collecting coins is optional but to unlock more levels you'll need a certain amount. Dont bother with the DLC since all it does is add 3 additional levels which arent too interesting nor challenging and you'll be done with those in no time. I guess this is a good choice when you feel the need to take a break from other games thatu2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665you off. On a side note: Whenever I start this game and the splash screen "Plays best on Alienware" shows up I just cant help myself and I have to laugh.

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