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Original Title: Gumrah

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller





































Roshni Chadha makes her living, singing in various places and this makes her the breadwinner of her home. She soon gets to meet the handsome and wealthy Rahul Malhotra, who finds out that she can actually sing professionally and he helps her to attain this goal, which soon became a success and Roshni falls in love with Rahul and finds out that he has the same feelings for her. On a foreign trip, Roshni is arrested by the police for having in her possession cocaine, Rahul disappears leaving Roshni in hot-soup and now she must prepare to undergo her prison terms as there is no one to help her.
Roshni Chadha is the only child of Sharda Chhadha, and has no knowledge of the whereabouts of her absconding dad, Prakash Chhadha. Roshni is introduced to Rahul Malhotra and both are attracted to each other. Rahul finds out that she can sing, assists her in becoming a professional singer, and she becomes famous nationwide. She has a fan named Jaggannath alias Jaggu, a street-wise small-time black-marketeer, but she chooses to ignore him. On a trip to Mauritius with Rahul, Roshni is apprehended by the police and arrested on the charge of possession of drugs. She is imprisoned, and Rahul is nowhere to be found. Then a lawyer and Jaggu come to her assistance, but are unable to do much, as Roshni is found guilty, and in keeping with the laws of that country, her sentence is - death!
Mahesh Bhatt made 'Gumrah' by shamelessly ripping-off the mini-series 'Bangkok Hilton'. It pretty much is a scene by scene copy with some sequences from the series left out while others being indianized. The typically indianized sequences were very cheesy (with the exceptions of those between Sridevi and Reema Lagoo). Yes, there are songs and they're mostly dreadful, especially the ones primarily visualized on Sanjay Dutt. The whole love angle between Dutt and Sridevi is very Bollywoodish. Yet, I must say that the suspense is mostly well maintained (as I had watched 'Gumrah' before 'Bangkok Hilton') and the prison atmosphere looks very realistic (even though it's almost a complete imprint of the set in 'Bangkok Hilton'). The final chase sequence was also quite fun to watch.

While Sanjay Dutt storyline does appear forced and exaggerated, the actor provides fine comic relief and has great chemistry with his female lead. Anupam Kher and Reema Lagoo are very good. Soni Razdan is superb in a small role. Rahul Roy brings wooden acting to a whole new level.

What makes 'Gumrah' worth the watch is Sridevi's tour de force performance. Not only does she look authentic but playing Roshni from the shy, talented and vulnerable young lady to a tough prisoner, Sridevi makes it look so easy to do. She gives the Roshni an identity of her own which makes her very different from Nicole Kidman's Katrina Stanton. She easily dominates the movie.

'Gumrah' is Sridevi's film. Mahesh Bhatt made a career remaking Hollywood films yet making good films, GUMRAH is a remake of miniseries BANGKOK HILTON which was later remade in EK HASEENA THI(2004). Strangely when the film was started Rahul Roy who Bhatt discovered with AASHIQUI(1990) and then made films like JUNOON, PHIR TERI KAHAANI YAAD AAYE was the lead and Sanjay Dutt had a cameo however due to Rahul Roy's fading career Bhatt reportedly made his role a 15 minute role and extended Sanju's role. The film brought Sanju and Sridevi together for the first time. The movie starts well, the first half is a bit slow, the romance between Sanju and Sridevi too is filmy but the twist at the airport is well handled however Bhatt doesn't bother to show Rahul's character and it appears sketchy and disappears conveniently, there are too many action scenes of Sanjay Dutt thrown in, however the jail scenes are well handled, though the escape does seem convenient and also the end

Direction is decent though the writing could be better Music by LP is good however 1 song was chopped off which had Rahul Roy

Sanjay Dutt does his role well, Sridevi is the life of the film and she scores as usual, Rahul Roy has a short role but he ruins it with his non acting and his dialogue delivery Anupam Kher as always excels in Bhatt films, Reema Lagoo, Anang Desai are okay in brief roles, Soni Razdan(Bhatt's wife) is good, Laxmikant Berde is as usual, rest are okay

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