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Golden Hornet Reset Key

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About This Game

Golden Hornet is a retro style twin-stick shooter inspired by 'Choplifter', 'Fort Apocalypse', and Stern Electronics' arcade game 'Rescue'. Become a pilot 5d3b920ae0

Title: Golden Hornet
Genre: Action, Free to Play, Indie
Hijong Park
PsychoFlux Entertainment
Release Date: 22 Dec, 2017


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Perfect, satisfying retro action! the sounds, the music, all sound like something you'd hear on the atari or the NES.. Pretty good arcade-style gameplay. Fast-paced, simple graphics, good gameplay. Even though this was released in 2017, it looks like it could have been an arcade from the 1980s.. Absolutely charming, fluid, and fast-paced. There's somewhat of a mechanics overload, as the player is expected to use a wide variety of weapons, some of which only situationally due to a quirky control scheme. The number of weapons should be reduced because of that. Otherwise, fans of this genre should enjoy this immediately.. I don'T like it that much, but its just personal preference, i don't really see the point of the game, i can just launch up and stay up all day and not get hit and shoot everything down, i mean i guess im winning but it aint that fun. fun and fast paced with a retro feel. only thing is I wish there was some sort of story mode.. Good fun (if you dont enjoy it at first, just get up to the second level.. This game is awesome. Definately Defender inspired. Great game. collection crack
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