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Original Title: Give Me My Money

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama














































Meiko is a young woman who is working out her issues concerning the relationship she had with her father by torturing and murdering men who look like him. After she kills the father of Maki and Yoshi (skinning him alive first), the two men coerce her into joining their planned bank robbery spree. The procedure for their heists is for Meiko and Yoshi to behave in such a bizarre manner that nobody in the bank notices it's being robbed. Things go well for them at first, but eventually their individual fears and neuroses start to get the better of them.
God, where to start with this piece of crap! First of all I'm a huuugge fan of cinematic weirdness my collection of Greg (God) Araki films can attest to that. But this film just made me want to kick my television screen in. Overflowing with flat out stupid moments (what the hell was with those midgets at the bank?) and one of the most frustrating twist endings in film history (What a copout! they abandon the central bankrobbing story to poke fun at Godzilla and Herbie the Love Bug. What? Why?) Plus the print I saw was in untranslated Japanese so this film was waaaayyy more incomprehensible then it had any right to be.

Glib, stupid, unfunny, and ugly. (Enough with the Peter Max visuals Numuri!) The people behind this pop art atrocity should be drug into an alley and beaten with a sack of hammers.

Check out Violent Street for effective Japanese surrealism and satire.

This movie is the unending hourglass of pain.

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