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About This Game

GEVAUDAN is a first-person horror game. Alone against an enemy as deadly as it is terrifying, your nerves are put to a severe test as you try to make your way through the forest before the beast finds you. You cannot afford to make a single mistake.

The Game

The Beast of Gévaudan... The monster that bathed Gévaudan in terror in the 18th century, slaughtering the inhabitants. One hundred people are thought to have died in this part of France, victims of this deadly scourge.

What lay behind the legend of the monster of Gévaudan? A wild animal, divine punishment or a serial killer... Many are the hypotheses.

Whatever its true nature, you may well learn what it means to be a victim of "The Beast".

For you have entered the monster’s hunting grounds. You must keep your senses sharp and your wits about you if you are to withstand the scourge of GEVAUDAN. Can you make it out alive?

Key Features

  • Total immersion linked to the feeling of vulnerability.
  • You can only rely on instinct to reach the far end of the forest.
  • A visceral atmosphere.

Discover a 250-year old legend that still fascinates today.

For an optimum experience and to maximise your chances, use a headset to ensure you can hear danger approaching. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Gevaudan
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Nicolas Bernard
Microids Indie
Release Date: 8 Jun, 2017


  • OS: Window 7 or later
  • Processor: i3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce GTX 610 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1200 MB available space


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For some reason it lags and I have a really good computer. But other than that it is a neat game.. what a great scary game to play. This game is awesome for the price!

Its a great jumpscare and if you are a horror fan and just want a great game to play with friends this is great!

. Ok, so I tried 3 times to play this, and failed because im a giant wimp! This is a very well made atmospheric game well worth the cost of the purchase. I would recommend this to anyone that is a fan of the slendy games. But word of warning you have to be very very brave.

If you want to see me spoil my poants trying to play this game you can do\/watch?v=jaMJc4Hu9UE\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" >>>HERE<\/a>. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW !!

A few years ago, I had played a very simple and small game called "Slender the height pages".
Since then it has become a cult game.
The things I had felt, I found them in this little game.
And it is not a simple Clone but a new reference !
Lot of AAA don't have this Quality ....
It is not a game it is an experience !

Graphics are awesome!
Sound are Amazing!
Fear is enormous!

Play it, if you want to rediscover the simple fear .... turns out Slenderman was a sexy hairy beast in his youth! someone from the village over told me there was a strange dog man killing people in the woods. Me, in my drunken stuper, told them 'stop being a bunch of sissies! I bet I can go through those woods and survive the entire night'. They bet me about 100 pound and I took them up on the offer. luckily they can't collect money from a dead man. Doesnt even launch had to look on the decussion to see how to get out of the overly laggy loading screen. The game crashed the second I started it. No settings or display settngs. I would have wrote a nicer review if I at least got to play the bloody game. Waste of money.. So this game terrifies me and I love it. What I DONT love is every 10 seconds I get absolutely slaughtered and it frustrates me because I actually want to be terrified but instead im throwing stuffed animals at my wall and having to cut out most of my "gameplay" recordings because they are definatly not PG when I get killed 30 times in a row. I refuse to use a guide. Fight me. Its a good game tho.. The game was pretty good. but when it came to trying to record and play it it would lag so bad. After some time though I managed to fix the issue the graphics and monster was amazing but there wasn't much to do. So in my opinion it isn't really worth 3 dollars anyways here is my let's play of the game! Gevaudan - Something is Lurking in The Woods!

. Amazing , Fnafing , Slendering ......

GREAT !!!!

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