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About This Game

A Victorian Steampunk RPG where saving the Kingdom requires more than just brains and brawn: you also need to talk to people! Featuring a debate battle system, talk, debate, convince and negotiate with NPCs in order to save the country!

A decade ago, a devastating civil war rocked the country of Gataela. Though the country has recovered, the victims have not, and Zack - one of these - heads to the local Lord to request aid. However, along his way, his journey leads him as far as the capital, stirring up the old flames of war. ​

Travel the country, talk to the locals, and convince them to help you!

The game focuses on exploring and talking to NPCs. There is your common JRPG gameplay elements, such as turn-based battles, skits, and so on, but the game largely focuses on stopping to smell the flowers. Who knows if that child complaining about a bully will lead you to discovering something that could change the course of the country!

  • Two Battle Systems: Timed turn-based, and Debate battles where you can negotiate, convince, and debate with NPCs
  • Speaking to NPCs is important: NPCs can give you the facts you need to back up your arguments in debates
  • Skits: Get to know more about the characters and the world
  • Skills level up with you: The more you use a skill, the better you'll get at it
  • Point allocation: Distribute points each time you level up and build your party however you want
  • Science is on your side: Use gunpowder and science to craft items which can help you get out of a pinch
  • Costumes: Changing your outfit will also change your overworld's appearance, and their appearance in skits

Title: Gataela
Genre: Indie, RPG
Atemly Games
Atemly Games
Release Date: 2019


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