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Flying Pengy Ativador Download [Crack Serial Key

Flying Pengy Ativador Download [Crack Serial Key

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About This Game

Very dynamic arcade game with many different types of blocks, enemies, and power-ups. Play as a cute penguin that jumps out of the plane and smashes his enemies with basketballs, fire balls, acid balls, explosive balls, and boomerangs.

* lots of levels to play
* character customization
* unlock all the achievements


Title: Flying Pengy
Genre: Casual, Indie
Bogemic Games
Bogemic Games
Release Date: 26 Oct, 2016

English,Japanese,Korean,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Romanian

flying pengy

this is the best game i ever played. this is the best game i ever played. this is the best game i ever played

New update with bug fixes:
Hello everyone! In the latest game update were fixed some annoying bugs (like mouse cursor was not working at right side of the screen). But, there is a catch, after you update the game, your progress will be reset, and you start from the level 1. My apologies for that. I'll do my best to not make such incompatible changes in the future.. Flying Pengy Major Update:
It's been a while since I last time fixed something in the Pengy's code. And here it is, a major update. What's in update:

- Steam Controller native support
- UI navigation with gamepad
- improved graphics resolution, UI improvements
- changed landing visuals
- now 1000 levels are available for playing, with increased difficulty
- changed ball flight and changed behaviour
- removed stickiness of the ball, now always bounced of the parachute
- new power-ups has been added: shield, triple ball, random bonus
- fixed minor bugs with boomerang and green ball
- added bonus for defeating the mobs.

and more changes are on the way..

. New release with bug fixes:
* fixed achievement Double-Baked
* fixed achievement Lord Of The Rings
* fixed achievement Keeper Of Ring
* fixed achievement Bounty Hunter
* fixed achievement Complete Walkthrough - this one is not actually fixed, but number of levels is reduced to 200 (was 1K), so it's more achievable.

Now all achievements should be working, if something is glitching -- please let me know!. New music theme DLC:
An additional music theme specifically composed for Flying Pengy is available as a DLC. The theme includes two music tracks for the Main Menu, In-game screen, and event sounds. When DLC is installed, the game will automatically randomly choose the music theme to play.. Game Update:
Hello everyone! Here is new update of Flying Pengy:

  • Items. Now Pengy can get and wear items, which can be dropped after finishing level. In this release there are 4 items including The Princess Penguin skin. More items will follow.

  • Steam Stats and Achievements. Now the game synchronizes stats and achievements with Steam, so no gamesave file is required to keep your progress. The game can be run on the new computer and will get all the achievements, stats, items, and unlocked levels automatically.

  • Added Romanian localization.

  • Fixed some bugs and crashes.

  • Version for Windows now uses DirectX 11 to better support new devices.
. Costume Pack DLC:
The DLC contains ten outfits that can be worn in game and combined with other accessories to make Pengy look even more cute and funny. This is a great choice as a Christmas gift, Valentine's Day gift, or Halloween gift for true Pengy lovers. :happypengy:
. Game Patch:
What's new:

- added support for high dpi-enabled monitors with resolution 2560x1440 and higher on Windows.

- added Map Editor, which can be opened with the "Tools" button in the Main menu. The Map Editor was previously an external application for internal use by developer, now it is available for curious users who enjoy to customize game maps, modify objects, etc.

Basic usage: open Map Editor, click "Maps". Now choose a map in the table to edit. Let's say it's 00001. Now you can rearrange blocks, add new objects by selecting "Class" menu. When finished, click "Save" button to save modified map. Press "Esc" key to exit the Map Editor and click "Play" to see how your map actually works in the game.

Currently there are 50 maps available for modification. Note that your modified map-file will not replace initial game file installed by Steam. All modified maps are saved into the following folder:
in Windows: %APPDATA%/bogemic/penguin/data/maps/
in MacOSX: /Users/<USER_NAME>/Documents/penguin/data/maps

In order to revert map to it's initial state in game, simply remove saved file in the folder listed above.

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