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About This Game

Join the Herd!

Protect your cornfields and lock up your livestock, because FLOCK is here! Pilot a UFO around vibrantly-colored landscapes in this charming sandbox puzzle game where you must herd animal life back to the Motherflocker. Using a powerful physics engine that drives many of the game’s elements, FLOCK features over 50 pastoral puzzles. Pick up wood to form bridges, move boulders to create obstructions, and flatten fields into pathways all to help deliver your herd before time runs out! Flock together with a friend and even create and share your own crazy levels online!

  • Herd, poke, prod and manipulate cute, cuddly animals that react to each other and their hazardous surroundings
  • Over 50 levels of pastoral puzzle challenges
  • 2 player local co-op flocking
  • Level editor allows for custom puzzles to be created, shared and rated
  • Compelling environments complemented by a whimsical art style, beautiful lighting and distinctive textures makes this one of the most graphically-advanced downloadable titles to date
  • Real-world physics engine creates all new types of puzzles; Pick up wood to form bridges, move boulders to create obstructions, and flatten fields into pathways
  • Lots of fun surprises, secret collectibles and upgrades to find

Title: Flock!
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Proper Games
Release Date: 7 Apr, 2009


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Such a fun little game. Easy and quick to pick up. Cute sounds and you dont have to play for a long time. But you might end up playing for awhile.. Not really my style. It's less a puzzle game, more a speed challenge. Push the animals toward the mother ship, do your best to keep them from falling off a cliff or falling behind, and get the bare minimum there before the time runs out to seal your gold medal. I don't think it's a bad game, so, strange as it may seem, I'm recommending it on a conditional basis. If a more arcade-y, challenge-type game is what you're looking for have at it. If you're wanting a cerebral experience, probably not. (It does depend on how smart you are to begin with, I suppose.). Sheep! Take them to your leader! This game is super fun. I love that I can come in, pick it up for a few minutes, and still have a blast.. Awesome game, challenging and also frustrating at times. The cartoon style is cute and goes well with the game. And yes..
the coop will DESTROY friendships.. I've been playing the multiplayer with my SO and getting the perfect abduction achievement. If you want to test a relationship or your communication, THIS is definitely a good way to do it!!. The game is pretty fun, but by no means easy.

It's difficulty lies most in the clumsiness which you can't avoid, being a spaceship herding sheep through obstacles in remote island locations. You're going to have a learning curve, but don't let it deter you. I'd play this game more often if I didn't have 30+ already from Steam and a handfull of go-to games among that number.. Go flock yourself! A fun game that reminds me of the old puzzle days in the early 2000s... A grand flocking time that was. Now go out there and abduct some sheep, you mother flocker you!. Would love to play this game so I can provide a real review, but unfortunately this game will not run.
I've checked the forums and it seems I'm not the only one with the issue where the game locks to a white window on launch. Don't waste your money on a product that won't run, folks.. Im sitting here looking thro my screenshots and I\u00b4m laughing because its so funny to see the ships, bunnys, bulls and chicken run away. ask yourself THIS question: Have I ever wanted to abduct sheep (and cows and chickens) by using a small UFO to bully them into a bigger UFO?
If you answered yes, then: A. You are probably a very bad person (or an alien); and B. You just might enjoy Flock!

All Levels are different and challanging, its not easy to reach in all levels gold.

You also can create your owen map, I tried it a bit out but a tutorial would be very helpfull for the first time. I didn`t tried the Multiplayer yet, and I think now there is no Multiplayer more because gamespy is dead.

I wish they would do this game Steamworks and add Steamworkshop so ...

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