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Original Title: Flashback

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Western















































A geologist is killed after he claims to have found the lost treasure of Hayes Cooper, a Wild West Texas Ranger. Walker tells Trivette the story of the treasure as they investigate. Walker gets bit by a rattlesnake and has dreams of Cooper.
I have seen all 182 episodes of "Walker, Texas Ranger" (182 counting 2-parters as 1 episode and counting the 4-part episode with Michael Ironside as the Chairman as 1 episode), and I can honestly say that this is the worst episode. The plot is bland and the poor pacing does not help anything. I would rank it slightly higher if it was only a regular hour-long episode, but a 2-part episode for the bland plot only made the episode worse than it had to be. The episode just drags on and on.

The only memorable aspect of this episode was Walker getting bit by a rattlesnake. Apparently, the Hayes Cooper debut episode was so horrible that it was written out of the series' continuity, and subsequent Hays Cooper episodes ignored this episode.

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