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ECHOPLEX is a time-bending puzzle platformer with a full-motion video story. Trapped in a mysterious looping simulation, you are followed by an “Echo” -- a duplicate o 5d3b920ae0

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
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Release Date: 15 Mar, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or above
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core

English,Simplified Chinese

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At first, I got the game, and was really interested by the whole concept and gameplay. I continued to enjoy it until the 10th level, where drones are introduced, and suddenly, the mechanics of the game change. With puzzle games, I should be able to use logic to complete tasks, but the drones practically rely on chance, and for me, they never do what they're meant to do. On top of that, one single hit from these drones forces a level restart, which is really infuriating when I'm inches away from completing the level and get shot in the back.. I had the privilege of playing the demo at rAge Expo and I am quite happy with the progress that has been made on ECHOPLEX. Still a long way to go before I can call it a finished game but I like the direction it's headed in. The puzzles are extremely challenging even early on in the game, but also very rewarding once you complete a level. Looking forward to the end result and I'll keep this review updated as I progress through the game.. Really Enjoyed the visual style and over all gameplay.. Interesting concept and I very much enjoyed playing it, but they recently upped the computer spec requirements to play the game and now I lag. Is this the developers fault? No. Just take note that you should raise the bar on whatever spec requirements the developers are claiming you could functionally run Echoplex at.. raise aginst the clock. i hate it not enuff time. and no way to make it easyer. it set to expert. they didnt follow the #1 role of game makeing. if i you make a game and its easy for you then thats the hard mode. beacuse you made it and know every move that needs to be made and when. can you say rage quit. good. then redo your game and add more time. fighting the clock and puzzle.. I have no words to offer except these three: Just. Buy. It. If I attempted to describe why it would be doing ECHOPLEX a disservice. You will understand once you experience it for yourself.. I feel the comparison to Portal is inaccurate--this game is much faster paced. You often need to reach point B while your echo is still at point A, and the timings can be very tight. Even after discovering the solution, I would often have to try several times to execute it correctly. And that's fine, it means that you have to understand what you're doing to solve the puzzle, at least for the later levels. Downside is that sometimes it's a bit frustrating. The atmosphere is very cohesive. There's a constant sense of anxiety as you are on a timer, and your echo is going to catch up with you. The video clips enhance the atmosphere although I'm not sure what exactly happened. I finished in 4 hours, FWIW. It explores the puzzle mechanics only as much as it needs to, and doesn't try to keep you forever.. If you like thrilling puzzle games then this one is definitely for you. With the use of your "echo" you can be your best friend or worst enemy as you navigate the different levels, thrillingly racing against time and avoiding collision with your echo. The levels are a gradual increase in difficulty making it fun but frustrating with every success and failure.. Enticing, complex, and lots of fun. It feels like portal, but more thrilling. The follower mechanic literally made me jump several times. The story is a bit difficult to piece together, but I am keen to see where it goes.

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