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Ebony Spire: Heresy Full Crack [hack]

Ebony Spire: Heresy Full Crack [hack]

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About This Game

Ebony Spire: Heresy is a love letter to dungeon crawlers of old with a twist: It's been signed with the blood of many roguelike games that have been experienced by the writer. Crawl, throw, summon and smash your way through 20 levels of pure mishap in this first person turn based dungeon crawling game. Experience a back-to-the-basics computer role playing game where items play a central role. Pick up, throw, use, equip and drink your way up the tower to slay the fervent goddess. 

Anniversary update - more streamlined, more fun

New enemies, mouse support and quality of life improvements! All your feedback through the past year has been taken under consideration and implemented! 

Choose the way you want to enjoy the game!

Try out the Classic Mode which allows you to explore the game via hand-crafted levels and carefully placed encounters or test your skill and luck in the Infinite mode which features procedurally generated levels!


  • All items can be used by and against the player. Enemies have access to the same abilities as you do
  • Character development revolves around the items that can be obtained. There are no classic stats or XP grinding
  • Turn-based combat in a very roguelike fashion
  • Portals that will lead you outside the tower for a quick item hunting session: Cities, Harbors, Dungeons and Arenas can be explored
  • Two game modes: Classic and Infinite Heresy - toggle between them with a simple visit to the options menu!


Ebony Spire: Heresy is a niche game that blends roguelike mechanics with old-school first person dungeon crawlers. The game is designed as a coffee-break game (short play sessions) and may be a deal-breaker for some players while others might enjoy the quick level-to-level progression while they are queueing in an online game.


The source code for the game is available under the MIT license. Feel free to use it to create your own adventure. And since the code is easily accessible you can mod it, add items, enemies and levels to your hearts content. The game arrives with TileD integration and you can use the supplied spritesheet to create your own levels and puzzles and share them with the community. Or use the integration and your own assets to create your own game. It's up to you what you do with the source code. b4d347fde0

Title: Ebony Spire: Heresy
Genre: Indie, RPG
Bearded Giant Games
Bearded Giant Games
Release Date: 2 Nov, 2017


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The controls were so bad that I just put the game down. Seriously, they are that bad.. Ebony Spire: Heresy is a fun dungeon crawl that I can definitely recommend. It has all the essential elements (you, a dungeon, some monsters), and so far I've found it to be entertaining. I haven't played long yet, just through a few times getting myself killed by these smarter-than-expected monsters. That said, I expect to play a great deal more of it!

. To be honest I actually don't really know of any other blobbers (Does it count if you're just one dude?) this casual, especially not with procedural generation. Good for someone who likes the genre and wants something to quickly play in their spare time.. Edit: I forgot to say why I gave the game a thumbs down, and people got mad in the comments, so here goes:

In an age of game engines like Unity, you have to assume that graphics this bad are an artistic choice, and it's not one I approve of. The game itself seems in all instances to be a shareware clone of Eye of the Beholder with some procedural dungeon generation tacked one.

So, a poor execution of old ideas; cannot recommend.

Actually, my original review "I bought this because the creator seemed really sad in an article on Gamasutra." seems kinder in retrospect.. Not my type of game, never played dungeon crawlers, but this one is addictive. Couldn't put it down for a while after just wanted to play a quick round!
Enemies can use the same items as the player, can throw items into the player. If you still think it's easy, the game has permadeath! Pure awesomeness!

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