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Dynasty Feud - The Night Party Key

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The Night Party
They met at a midnight rave party, and they soon found out they were all outcasts misunderstood by society. Yeah, like teenagers. Only they are much older. Soon they decided to band together and support each other during the long nights. And dance till dawn.

  • David can’t control his transformation, so when playing him timing is paramount.
  • When in human form he’s slow and below average for a melee fighter.
  • But in wolf form he’s fast, deadly and mobile. His leap forward is especially effective.

  • Donald is one of the best melee fighters in the game, fast and with good reach.
  • When struck, he turns into a bat and has the ability to escape and fight another time.

  • Mr. T’s first form is cumbersome, but can be effective.
  • However, the sarcophagus is big and an easy target.
  • When out of his sarcophagus, Mr. T. is a versatile long range fighter with good mobility.

  • J has a couple of options to use his potions and can play mind games with his opponents.
  • However, once the potion is gone, J’s options are far more limited.
  • When transformed, J. is a strong melee fighter who can go berserk.

  • Zack can easily surprise the enemy by detaching his head.
  • While the body is headless, it can’t move, but it’s not defenseless. Plus, it can’t be hurt.
  • Just focus on avoiding a headshot.

Title: Dynasty Feud - The Night Party
Genre: Action, Indie
Kaia Studios
Kaia Studios
Release Date: 26 Oct, 2017


DLC for an already great game. Props to the devs!
ps: bot support would be very nice. DLC for an already great game. Props to the devs!
ps: bot support would be very nice

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