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About This Game


Explore the dangerous and mysterious world of dreams in this 20 hour old-school RPG by Aldorlea Games, makers of the "Millennium" series and "The Book of Legends".
After an experimentation that goes out of control, Erin is trapped in the Dreamscape and must find a way out. Her only chance: magical headphones that allow her to visit one's dreams and imagination.
On her way, she meets odd creatures - enemy or ally? Play the game and find out!
Dreamscape features 8 playable characters, multiple modes and difficulties, an award system, end-game rewards, Jack the Ripper, Al Capone, ancient Egypt, vampires, dreams within dreams, and many more!


Dreamscape is a fantastic and addictive RPG with bits of strategy making the gameplay even richer. In command of a colorful and very varied party, unravel the mystery of the realm of dreams and solve riddles to reach your goal. Dreamscape can be played in 4 different modes and features different rewards for completing them. You can even get access to bonus characters if you complete a mode without using the healing goddess!

Key Features:

  • 30 hours of playing
  • Visit the dreams of everyone you meet
  • Cute heroes, funny adventure
  • Unique game and unique gameplay
  • Unlock tons of in-game awards

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Title: Dreamscape
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Aldorlea Games
Release Date: 2 Feb, 2015


Alright this game, I know its rpgmaker, but this is Aldorlea for crying out loud! This is by far one of their best games I've played! And I've played some really good games, and really bad games. This one is a solid 8\/10. If anything bad can be said about the game is that its a little too open, and very little direction is given.

I actually the first time through the game had to stop, because I couldn't figure out a way to make any more progress whatsoever. I had to look at the guide multiple times in order to figure out how to beat this game. It's not bad in the aspect of difficulty (unless doing true nightmare mode) but it is confusing on the 'where do I go now' portion. Several key items are in areas you normally wouldn't expect, or you do things in ways that are a little too obvious.

The biggest example is that there's a big brown mouse at the beginning of the game that there is no real indication that he's your next party member XD. You have to talk to him to unlock the next area and get the giggle bell, which gives you a key to unlock stuff in egypt, and the list goes on.

But this is by far a super creative and fun game! Highly recommended.. I beat this game yesterday and from the company that made Millennium this game had a pretty good storyline to it, but it was also weird to play through.. This is a nice little JRPG from Aldorea. This means there will be at least a decent plot. And this game delivers. As well as having a few references to other games in the Aldorea catalog. Would recommend.. Dreamscape was just okay. The game play was alright but the storyline was disappointing especially towards the end. I was able to win the game in about 15 hours, which if I had spent the total retail price I would have been bummed. I got this game on a Steam Sale. I have enjoyed a lot of other Aldorlea Games, but this is my least favorite. I don't see myself replaying this game :(. This most recent offering on Steam from Aldorlea confirms again that these developers are at the top of the list of those making the old school\/adventure style games. Dreamscape has everything a fan of these games could want, and much more.

As always, these games are driven by the story, and, IMO, Aldorlea always has this element perfected. In the game you are Erin ---- who is on a mission to save her boyfriend. Sounds simple enough, but to accomplish this seemingly straightforward task she has some magical headphones that allow her to enter the dreams of virtually everyone she comes in contact with including a cat, a mouse, and a plant. Together, they explore the dreamworlds of those within their own dreams (an adventurer, an old man, a dog, a pharaoh, and many others). So much for simplicity ---- yet the story remains tightly organized, and everything makes sense. Some of the dreams are simple, some complex, and they all add up to a story that is beautifully put together with no meandering that completely draws you in and holds your interest in a completely captivating way.

With so much to see and do Dreamscape is a long one, and offers high replay value with 4 levels of difficulty that offer new challenges. The game offers an innovation that is different in that the items you need for good health and magic are not always able to be stored in your inventory, but are found everywhere in the world to be used or left behind for later ---- your decision, and an interesting spin on the ordinary. But there are plenty of items so it never becomes a problem (at least not in the easiest level, which I am playing).

Character development is excellent (even Marine from the Millennium series makes an appearance), and offers a lot of good humor ---- it's easy to like these characters as they offer their comments to one another while exploring ---- especially the cat.

Gameplay is with either the keyboard or mouse, and both work well.

The artwork is very nicely done, and includes some very different and detailed scenes as you travel throughout the various dreams. The music is pleasant and unobtrusive which adds to the enjoyment of the game.

This is a very creative and different rpg that shows great care and attention to detail by the developer that I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone of any age. And, if you have never experienced an Aldorlea game, this one is a fine place to start. But, then, I would say that about any of their games here on Steam. Enjoy.. Bought this when the grand RPG maker shovelware apocalypse happened and everything was on sale.

Its got about 15 hours of gameplay for one playthrough, with four difficulty modes. I think the intent is that you play it once on each, but I don't see how someone could stand that.

Its a pretty neat take on a JRPG though. Encounters don't respawn, Most are mobile and can be avoided and the rest are static and must be fought to physically progress. The characters are cute and the game play is basically like a mix of a point and click adventure\/puzzle game and a JRPG. Its neat and the story is decently engaging.

There's an endurance element to it also. Vendors are rare and all but two sell only stat ups. Their inventory is fixed so once you buy them out they're done. Recovery is mainly through picking up items that are autoconsumed when picked up, and recover a small amount of HP or MP. Same for curatives. There are dmg\/poison proc ones, sometimes the game tricks you wtih them or makes them required to walk through, or just requires you to always weave through a maze of them. Which is blah.

Its not without some serious flaws though. Like most point and click games it can be frustrating to know where to go, since the path through is so backtrackey (get a thing that lets you break rocks, redo everywhere breaking the rocks to go new places, etc). Keys or key-like items (there are quite a few) have to be equipped to offhand to use, and the things that let you break the 3 different kinds of rocks (for real) have to as well, and later on the jumping item. That means you spend a lot of time in your menu scrolling through a big\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665list to equip the key then immediately take it off and put back on your shield\/good weapon\/good charm.

As a consequnce of the lack of one shot recovery at an inn or resting it makes things like getting poisoned or statused very frustrating. Especially early on, having someone die (all the pickups rez them but at one heatlh) or getting your team poisoned blows, it can be a hard stop on your playthrough. It also means later one when your last party member gets an in combat heal thats cheap (she has 3x your mana and it costs 1\/4 what your protagonists heal does), you sandbag lots of routine fights to slowly heal.

Your protagonist ends up being the tankiest by a wide margin, and has a free taunt and a counterattack proc when hit. Lots of fights especially lategame devolve into your protagonist just murdering everything on the crackback, including all the bosses. It leads to hilarious fights with some bosses and the non-boss enemies that use their sprite (they're all just recolors) since they can too, so once one of you hits the other you sit there counterattacking until someone dies.

There was a really bad difficulty curve on mobs. A lot of areas are a pretty std level of strength with large jumps, which usually means you get to backtrack in the harder areas to go heal up and then slog back in. This is partially alleviated by two teleport items but you don't acquire them until right at the end of the game, since you would otherwise have to slog back through a really long empty room.

The ending, to cap it off, is rather unfulfilling.

Thats a lot of negatives and no praise really, but despite that this game was very engaging, very charming, and fun. It had some really well done levels and sets, great music, and the cutest theme imaginable. This is definitely worth playing if you think you can deal with the negatives ( or don't consider them to be, different strokes for different folks).. In general it is good however my issue with the game is:

* Not enough indications to what items should be used for specific areas.

* Too much backtracking that I think you need a guide to finish the game - I used one to finish it -.

But all in good work has been done on this game.
. OK, I have to admit that I was fully prepared to hate this game. It came in a bundle, and the description made me cringe. I went through every other game and decided I would give it a try. Turns out, I'm glad I did.

This is the only game I have ever been tempted to play through a second time! Mechanics are easy to follow like most RPG maker games. Money isn't wasted on constantly buying potions etc because of the drop system. Story and characters are a blast! It took me roughly 17 hours to play through, so definitely worth the bundle price I paid for it. If you like Aldorlea Games, you won't be disappointed in this one.. It is a fun and light game. Dreamscapes are very interenting and open vide range of odd and funny possibilities, which are used by the makers in this game. Even though I wished there would be more companion characters, it doesn't mean i didn't like them.

Specifically crafted set of abilities and usable items for each character allows you to use startegy during fights and brings a number of chuckles when you find new items.

I vwry much liked unique system of replenishing helath and mana. It makes you run around looking for food a bit, but totally makes sense. Better you play and fight, the less time you need to spend on this.

I am not a fan of the ending, but the works thing in this game for me, was running back to places unlocked by a new item. I am glad makers gave a number of "shortcuts" especially toward the end.

Overall I think this game is enjoyable and lets you enjoy several hours to play it.. Dispite being mostly a good game, I cannot continure playing it due to a game breaking bug in JAG 12, basically preventing the game from letting you past that one point.

EDIT: Found the problem, but you have to run into the wall to the left of the starting point first, a bug that can really break the game.

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