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Doodle Jamboree Crack

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About This Game

You're a drawing, but why stay on your paper? Explore a unique and wonderful world of doodles in this short, charming art-venture!

  • As a doodle, you need constant contact with the page to survive! You can jump from paper scrap to paper scrap, but don't get caught in the void between them for long!
  • Heaps of unique doodles, many of which animate, say things to you, make noises or otherwise come to life!
  • Collect stickers to progress through the game, and avoid hazards drawn with red ink!
  • A brief love letter to creativity with a 15/20 minute completion time!
  • 100% the work of a one-man developer including graphics, music, design, sound and coding!
  • Contains repeated references to dinosaurs for some reason!
  • Meet an indignant loaf of bread?


DISCLAIMER: Doodle Jamboree may not feature an actual jamboree! 7aa9394dea

Title: Doodle Jamboree
Genre: Indie
Mike Laraman
Mike Laraman
Release Date: 26 Sep, 2017


it was a cute short game, i really enjoyed playing through it.. A fun game, which makes up for its short length in the beauty of its illustrations and the lovely tune that plays soothingly in the background. The controls are simple in principle, and there is little in the way of threat. The closest to difficulty comes in the form of the slightly frustrating jumping which, as I can only assume was intentional, seems to be based either around physics or some form of momentum as it is kind of floaty. This brings the music back to the fore, as well as the concise length, as any longer or any music less soothing might have resulted in a lot more frustration at what should have been simple jumps. Then again, a game without a challenge is hardly a game, and the challenge in this game is the jumping. All in all, well recommended, and for less than a bottle of fizzy drink I had far more enjoyment. Cannot complain! Also - dinosaurs are awesome, but an ice skating penguin with a hard hat...well - that is epic!. This game is adorable. You follow the adventure of a cute little turtle doodle in a top hat as you navigated a bunch of post-its, paper scraps, shopping lists and all other sorts, complete with doodles and scribbles on each and every thing you come across. It's short, but it's worth the play. An endearing aesthetic with a charming little soundtrack, with music and sound effects that will make you smile as you play along. Environmental interactions that are amusing, sometimes absurd, and even follow-up jokes that hit home as you continue to play and jump around.

Control is simple, and it doesn't take long to get an idea of how things go. The developer even went so far as to include a *contemplation* control, and it is just about as you would expect.

The game is silly, which is a strength, and the overall look and feel work well together. I would love to play more someday! Maybe a sequel Jamboree? As it stands, the main con is that the game is short and you'll complete the task within a lunch break, but, that's perfectly fine considering the generous price tag. If you end up liking the game as I did, you'll certainly wish there was more afterwards. Maybe in the future!

Either way, worth the try, and I recommend giving it a shot!. Super short game, the creator isn't kidding on the 15-20 minute completion time, I don't even think it too me that. The doodle graphics are really cute, and the music was nice. Controls were easy with an Xbox 360 controller, it handled very well. Some of the timing on the jumps was annoying (you're even a second off and POOF), but nowhere near a hard game.

Overall, a quirky, cute little game, and for $2 worth a fast playthrough.. Anyone used to platform games will blow through the entire game in a few mniutes, this is the biggest negative for the game. I don't think there is much replay value either but then the game is low cost. The platforming is pretty basic with a fun art style. It would be something kids might like.. Short and Sweet. The music is relaxing and even on a loop I never found it annoying. There aren't any moments of frustration which I have found in many platformers. The art is pleasant to look at and the light humor will put a grin on your face as you move through the game.

I would say at it's price it is definately worth it. I look at it this way, this relaxing experience cost me less than what I pay for coffee daily. I'd say this is a perfect game for if you are dealing with a lot of stress and just need a quick game to calm you down. Great Job, I love it.. Very cute game. It has simple but still creative gameplay. Art is incredible and there are a lot of funny stuff. You should try it, especially if you have kids.. Short game, worth the money.
It's a platformer with charming doodles, which includes some neat animations and fitting music. Gave me some smile on my face!
The music was a bit loud though and I think that couldn't be changed ingame.

So if you're a bit depressed and got an hour, then grab that one and free your mind.. While only being a 20 minute experience, this is a great little platformer with a fresh premise! A little gem on Steam that deserves far more love!


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